• Interested in joining
    our development team? 


    Battlelog.co is one of the largest and most reputable sellers of game enhancements worldwide. If you are a skilled coder who's passionate about development of game enhancements, then you might fit well in our team. Benefits of joining our team are:

    1. You get to team up (and become friends) with passionate people, all "killing it" in this industry

    2. Flexible work hours

    3. Competitive pay

    What we are looking for:

     1. Self-driven coders who are able to create and maintain game enhancements with zero or minimal help
    2. Friendly attitude and good work ethic

    To apply, please send an email to [email protected] with subject "APPLYING AS A DEVELOPER"

    The Application shall include: 

    1. Name
    2. Country of residence
    3. How many hours can you work per week?
    4. What's your experience with development of game enhancements?
    5. CV with an easy overview of your past positions and education
    6. Anything you might want to add
    7. Any questions you may have