Warzone - come back after 6 months


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I came back to Warzone Exclusive after 6 months (got 2 bans back then) and it really improved in the meantime when it comes to stability and functionality. No errors during the game and feature with UAV always ON is true deal breaker for me. It's all what I need and works much better than separate map as it was before.

I have just a couple of questions which would be nice maybe add to instructions too...

1. What should I do when I inject cheats, open Battle net and then COD starts update? Is it problematic from cheat detection perspective? Should COD be updated always before injecting cheats?

2. Are there any certain scheduled COD maintenance windows around which it's better not to play? Like some timings when COD release weekly updates or so?

Asking just to decrease a possibility of being caught. With using UAV only I'm not afraid about user reports.

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Glad to have you back ❤️ 

1. Restart PC and then update the game with no hacks injected, then restart again and start as normal 

2. We only need to update when game updates, so when you see game update check the status if update just landed give us up to 30 minutes to an hour if we are not aware and then check status page 

3. Answer same as above 🙂 

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