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Hello. I tried out the Dayz deluxe hack for 7 days. And it was working fine and everything was easy to setup.

There was only two things that i did not like about the program

1. The Player Count in the middle of the screen, Please make so you can turn this off and on for thoose who like it, or make it movable, I can't make clips ( intants replays) when running the program because of this thing. 


2. The most used hacks is prob ESP, so please add a option to keybind it, so you can toggle it  on and off easier. Makes it much easier to hide your cheats. for example clipping kills and other stuff

other then that the hack was good and like i said easy to install. Hope my review will be taken in to consideration. 

hope for a great feedback

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Thank you sir for your feedback, we will look into it asap ❤️ 

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