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PUBG Premium Hack

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PUBG Premium HACK 
- Our PUBG Premium hack has the following features: 

* Skeleton, Box, HP, Distance
* Ingame name of the target
* Lines from yourself to the target

     Vehicle ESP
* Name, Fuel, Durability, Distance

* Weapons, Sights, Medicines, Mods, Backpacks, Helmets, Vests, etc.
* Drop(box) after a kill and its contents
* Airdrop from aircraft and its contents

* You can move it to the desired location on your screen
* Ability to change the appearance of the radar

* Capture area (body, neck, head)
* Choose which button to aim with
* The choice of smooth aiming depending on the distance
* Choosing the speed of capture the next target after the kill
(if the goal is to be near the killed enemy)


Unique features:
* Clever loot display (Loot ESP) - If there are certain things on a character or in a backpack, they disappear from ESP (Example: You picked up the machine - shotguns and pistols disappeared from ESP).
Pros: less information on the screen, easier to find the necessary thing.

* Dynamic radar - When approaching enemies automatically changes scale. 
Pros: there is no mess on the radar, now you will never lose the enemy behind your back.

Supported by: Windows 7 and Windows 10 

esp suprm.jpg



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