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Hi all!

We are happy to introduce lots of new payment options to our community. As of today, we offer the following payment options:


Credit / Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB)

Probably doesn't need much of an introduction.

Google Pay

We support Google Pay, so if your browser is set up with Google Pay, you can choose to pay using this upon checkout. If you don't use Google Pay already, you can learn more right here:

Apple Pay

Similar to Google Pay. But for Apple users. If you don't use it already, you can learn more right here:

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Unsure of how to get Bitcoin? Check out a short guide here.



flag-singapore_1f1f8-1f1ec.png.57d2fe142695ce3c33a0a25870e4d8c9.png eNets, Singaporean bank transfer

flag-indonesia_1f1ee-1f1e9.png.67696536e207261c247dbee788932d1a.png DOKU, ATM transfer and Indonesian bank transfer

flag-malaysia_1f1f2-1f1fe.png.807aa7126ec51a306763fb816e0ff921.png revPAY, ATM transfer and Malaysian bank transfer

flag-thailand_1f1f9-1f1ed.png.ca126370c606e04bfbd825ed896b9382.png Thailand ATM and bank transfer

flag-philippines_1f1f5-1f1ed.png.5a2418d60d288ca7b69c20f2805263ea.png Globe G-cash


flag-india_1f1ee-1f1f3.png.6777e05ba50c2c63081deaf7bb3f3e60.png UPI, Paytm, Indian ATM and bank transfer


Middle East:

OneCard (for our members in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE) (Prepaid card you can buy in your local stores!) (You can also pay with your regular credit/debit cards!)

Europe and Russia:

poland.png.d74122514e9bf9269c0ef642f179dd99.png Dotpay, Polish bank transfers and prepaid gift cards

flag-france_1f1eb-1f1f7.png.7bf6b9f0869ab8e57efadd8773f66314.png NeoSurf, prepaid gift cards in France

flag-turkey_1f1f9-1f1f7.png.8bb653665f25762f9acd31037f71b82b.png Turkish Credit/Bank Card

flag-russia_1f1f7-1f1fa.png.003deeada900ffd183ad7c73898840d8.png QiWi and WebMoney

Germany:  GiroPay

** German Cusotmers, you must choose EUR as currency in the store if you wish to pay with your local payment methods. This is how to choose EUR:



South America:

flag-brazil_1f1e7-1f1f7.png.183aa6d3e79dec9bb8b7069cb4370941.png Boleto, Brazilian bank and ATM transfer, and prepaid gift cards

flag-mexico_1f1f2-1f1fd.png.94dca3ae78397515c8d00dbb888c1fc6.png OXXO, Mexican bank and ATM transfer, and prepaid gift cards

flag-colombia_1f1e8-1f1f4.png.03cae11cf52d93265a5f0c6ac37dc824.png PSE, Colombian bank and ATM transfer, and prepaid gift cards

flag-chile_1f1e8-1f1f1.png.07a6f21d72a5f6df83b891f1e16ded20.png WebPay, Chile bank and ATM transfer, and prepaid gift cards

flag-uruguay_1f1fa-1f1fe.png.a9e215071ea62f1d50952773339a3b7f.png Redpagos, Uruguay bank and ATM transfer, and prepaid gift cards



flag-australia_1f1e6-1f1fa.png.933f16acb0bdbb8ca52a846d0c19d4b8.png Australian Bank Transfer

flag-new-zealand_1f1f3-1f1ff.png.2e70d468fb9f7bcb8fa03a29f7de2ff5.png New Zealand Bank Transfer


flag-south-africa_1f1ff-1f1e6.png.e39185421c330f90c32185a901f5828f.png South Africa bank transfer

egypt.png.fe0606a94a9b06eb6e09d90ac0773a8c.png Fawry


Ready to make your order? Click here to get started.

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