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Spot on hacks! Easy to use and start up.

You will love it, ESP is beautiful design and aimbot with bellow settings will give you 59-69% accuracy witch is master level aim, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Admins and creators thank you for all you guys do!! Keep up the great work, can’t wait to be with you for many years and see how you develop this page to something even greater then it already is.

I’ve spend 30 minutes and 12 games adjusting settings and bellow I’ll give you my recommendation for settings that will look legit and make your aim OP!! 

aim fov set to 0.030

trigfer fov set to 0.030

localplayer Y set to 1.000

aim smooth set to 0.080

enable prediction ( useful in higher rank )

prediction speed set to 3.252

Aim Key set whatever suites you 🙂


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This client is SO good. I am already a gm lvl dps player and the way you can set each individual setting allows you to make anyone from a 100 sr gap difference to climbing from gold to gm. The best part is, it doesnt look sketch! They do a VERY good job of making sure the way it is set up is to allow human correction to make the aim look realistic and will simply make you get gm level stats. if you leave everything on default you are already in amazing setting to get every hitscan hero perfectly played in high sr. I would recommend this cheat to ANYONE looking to not get banned and have a great time playing the game. You will not be disappointed I promise. and it is super easy to figure out! It is very satisfying to have everyone gasp at your skill afterwards and makes you just feel great about yourself playing!!!! The prices for this site are higher than other sites BECAUSE they do it right. other places WILL get you banned but these guys do everything they can to make sure that wont happen to you. 10/10 will use for a long time coming!

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