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How to re-activate your windows


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[+] Reboot and disable your Anti-Virus! 

[+] Press Winows+R keys together and type in the dialogue box regedit and press ok 

[+] Navigate to the permission settings of sppsvc file HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Currentversion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform 

[+] Right click on SoftwareProtectionPlatform and click on permissions 

[+] Click on sppsvc and allow full control by checking the boxes and pressing ok. (Don't add special permission / If you can't find sppsvc add it with NT Service\sppsvc) 

[+] Run this file. https://mega.nz/file/0N5QDYLa#iJseVZEWlOSkgbVWJwBo0KxtX34E4jyt0zrBTDTxkNc

[+] Once that is successful, you'll now be able to activate windows again. 

[+] Run this program to activate windows or use your own license. https://mega.nz/file/ARwSzAgY#1y7-BNOeomhpKa-9i4l9NcDkiGVwZnUrvEhLapGJJE0

[+] Info: You have to run the reactivator exe only once. If that was successful, you just need to restart and use KMSAuto or your license every time you use the ebook.

If you get error 5 after the last prompt try these steps: https://bit.ly/36L3Svqhttps://bit.ly/36O7BIQ 

If the problem still persists, try to use the windows media creation tool, create an ISO, mount it, and do an in place upgrade. None of your programs or data will be lost and it fixes the errors. (https://youtu.be/l06XupVqH74)

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