MW Exclusive- #1 Hack for COD


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Disclaimer: I’ve been using this hack for 4 months and haven’t been banned. I’ve used it on 4 separate accounts and haven’t been flagged, shadow banned or permanently banned on any. I don’t use the aimbot, but I have used it in game once or twice but not enough to comment on it. 


Great support, developer for this hack keeps it up to date with every new patch. Rarely out of service for long, most of the time down is around ~2 hours. 

No Recoil - Let me tell you, finding out that this option worked on my controller without having to use a 3rd party software to “trick” my game into emulating a controller was FANTASTIC. For any controller players that purely want to use ESP/Walls and not the aimbot, this feature is a must have. Will make you a CRACKED player instantly.

ESP - Clear, concise, and easy to understand and tweak. If you’re experienced with ESPs before this will be a breeze and if you’re new to this whole ESP, set up is simple 1-2 clicks and go. 



Not able to be hidden on stream. Not a huge issue as you can just use no recoil and play just as cracked, but for those wanting to go the extra mile I can see this being an issue. Not a huge con for me, but could be a nice feature.

After long periods of time with the “No Recoil” enabled, the camera will snap to different places randomly as if you had a bad dead zone or significant stick drift. This bug occurs with both M+K and Controller. 



All in all, this is my go to, and will continue to be my go to. Great support, great website. Couldn’t be happier. If you’re on the fence about this product, try the 24 HRs and you’ll be hooked. 




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