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I've now used 4 of the WZ hacks so here is my review on each one:

1. Exclusive - all the features worked great and you could make the aim bot seem realistic but it has crashing issues (at least for me).

2. Supreme - All features worked for me besides the visibility check and no recoil. The aimbot could be adjusted to make it way less obvious but since my visibility check wasn't working it was flawed. If this is fixed then its a good option.

3. Premium - I had issues getting the ESP to work consistently it sometimes would pop up and sometimes it wouldn't. Once the esp went way then I lost some other features. If the esp worked everytime for me this one would be great.

4. Leviathan - this one has been amazing so far the only cons are their isn't a no recoil feature and the aimbot even at max smoothing is still too strong. Otherwise perfect ESP and no issues.

Support has been great when I have questions. Overall really great hacks with a few con's to each but still 100% worth it.

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