No ban settings

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130+ hours no ban

Predator rank, 7.8 KD , 20 kill and 4k badge on 6 characters.

FOV 22-27

Smooth 85-95

distance 100

Assign aim button to something you don't use like side mouse button.

Don't use recoil control!! (very important)

Wall Hack is easy just lave it at 1000 do health and shield bar and use 2D box, don't forget enable.

Use spoofer if you had ban before and contact me if you need any help.

This is no grantee you won't get ban. I'm very careful and i play very well. Over 1100 hours in game.

Your movement is important to look legit and avoid reports from spectators.

Don't push rank so much play casual and if you see someone watching be as legit as possible.  


If you wanna go all in do so on small account you don't care about.

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