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I have tried exclusive and it’s perfect. I only use ESP. Specifically purchased Supreme for its record and stream safe capability. In addition and most importanty, it has never been detected! That is the biggest reason I am with BL. Supreme Is good but somethings I hope can be fixed:

1. I usually use 2 monitors. One for playing and the other for my streaming app. For supreme, you can only use 1 monitor and have to disable the other. It’s a nuisance to have to window the game so you can move it out the way to get to your streaming app to make adjustments. I also get very paranoid that the cheat is actually being streamed since while playing you have no way of knowing except windowing the game to go to your streaming app or watching your stream on another tv with a delay. So I hope in the future we can be able to use two monitors. Note I did try 2 monitors and YES ESP either doesn’t show and it gets all wacky.

2. ESP doesn’t show anyone in the parachuting in the air or vehicles. 

3. wish we can move the radar. On stream people sometimes watch your eye movements and usually it goes to the radar on the left. If the cheat radar is on the right people will wonder why your always looking to the right.

4. ESP bones is kind of off. Like the esp bone is trying to catch up with the actual player unlike exclusive where it is spot on. Heard it’s because this is an external cheat. 

5. super expensive lol I don’t know if I can keep up with the bills paying $100/mo. Lol 

all in all, it’s a decent hack if you really want stream and record safe. Hope all my points could be addressed in some way.



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Thank you for your time and effort in writing this ❤️ 

1. Its external overlay software (only way to make it stream proof) but also cant make it work on multiple monitors due to this 

2. Will look into this point and see what can be done ❤️ 

3. Its overlay hack so its set as its external overlay not internal code 😞

4. Yes you are right Internals are much more accurate while external is stream proof 

5. We are working with developer and at the same time we are in the middle of creating stream proof software for better price ❤️ 

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