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its been about 8-9 months ive been purchasing from you guys and let me tell you i am super satisfied with your products ive tried from premium to exclusive except leviathan because i dint really use aimbot. for the new members being sceptic this is the place to be and the products are worth it every penny. 

now let me touch another topic real quick  , Mr frost ive been here for a good while already and let me tell you i never noticed that you guys put smaller updates in the middle of the status page (updates of every client like whats wrong etc)  i think it would be a better idea to put it on top of the page and let us scroll down to see the status of our client i think that would make more sense tbh and also another thing i noticed in the same updates of the clients you put , you had a update on whats not being used on premium and i see some of those are new stuff in premium and its not updated on the premium page,  my point here is that if i knew you had new features on premium i wouldve bought premium again i think it would be a good idea to atleast add more screenshots of the updated clients so we can know what the client has , all im saying is you couldve been taking my money on premium. i know you are focused on different stuff thats priority but im just giving  my opinion ,

thank you for reading have a blessed day and keep up the good work. 

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