Apex Quantum Review

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I've used a lot of APEX hacks in the past and quantum is one of the best I've used so far.

Aimbot - 9/10

Its not perfect, but it gets the job done.The aimbot of Quantum is quite good but sometimes it misses from medium range especially when the enemy is moving to fast. (I tried every smoothing config from rage to legit.)

ESP - 8/10 

The ESP of Quantum is clean, however there are cases that item/weapons names are floating in the sky (Literally, in the sky.). And if I toggled the legendary items only, even the common items are showing (attachments). This is prolly a bug and I hope it gets fixed.

Radar- 10/10

I don't use radar since I don't like that much clutter on my screen. However it is a nice option if you want to play really safe.

Misc- 10/10

I didnt use this on a br mode yet but I tried it on the training mode. It is working perfectly. 


Overall : 9.25/10

Sadly, I can't really buy 30/7 days hack since I can't really play that much since I'm a frontliner battling covid19 in my country. I hope I can play again that much, stay safe everyone. 


Thank you Battlelog! 

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