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i used this hack exhaustively for 2weeks now, and i say with confidence


this hack is awesome, the esp is soooo much better than alternatives in options, especially the health on the esp its soooo useful

the aimbot is insane and you can pretty much fine tune it to legit settings that make it impossible for you to get banned, or go full rage and kill someone 700m away with iron sights XD

drop esp pretty cool, car esp is great

loot esp is very nice but i wish they would add specifics, say i just want a flare gun or level 3 backpack, i wish i could choose, still works really good though, i would also ask for a larger area than 500m but i understand that it's game limitations that make that impossible

2d radar is pretty cool

spectator option alerts u when someone is watching so u can act legit (or say f'em and keep raging)

to a spectator your crosshair does not snap on target, rather the bullets fly to said target (which is great to avoid bans)


After a few games the insert key will turn on/off the hack rather than open the menu, and when the game is loading out after the match it will crash on "connecting" which then u have to restart the pc if using a spoofer as well

when the aimbot is set to "visible targets only" it counts those behind glass as invisible, you can always break the glass but its sometimes risky

pretty much a 9/10, ive tried 4 different esps from different websites before this one(2 of them more expensive) and this is the best one of all

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