will you add the all camo cheat?

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Hi,first of all congratulations because this is the best site with the best hacks on the planet, used this by 3 month with no ban!

I wonder my self if you will ever add the fantastic cheat that allow us to unlock all the gun's camo,i saw a lot of video on youtube that sent me to discord but seems like a biiiig scam,what do you think? There is somewhere a cheat like that?

GG for all guys! Keep like this!

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Thanks ❤️ 

There is an option like this but it's messing with the code of the game and changing something we do not wish to change. 

In short terms it adds so much risk for you guys and we would hate for you to be banned so please stay way from such tools as they are not good on the long run ❤️ 

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