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Hey everyone

I think the Valorant cheat is great, aim is relatively smooth and wallhack works as good as it can for Valorant's fog of war. I think that two improvements to the cheat could improve it ten-fold though, firstly it would be really nice to have a toggle button for wallhacks as I find it hard to look legit because being able to see everyone around you at all times gives you too much information you have to try and mentally ignore. Second, while I think the aim bot is good I think it could do with a couple of small but major improvements such as being able to bind the aim to a different button apart from LMB or RMB & I've noticed a habit of it locking on the allies as well. Personally I haven't had issues with the aimbot locking on to an ally over an enemy during a gunfight (this may be due to the lowest setting of the FOV slider) but since it's bound to either mouse button sometimes when you're jumping around knifing it will try to lock on to allies which I feel would be an instant ban if an admin ever watched my gameplay.

I think you guys have done a really good job but if we could get these few improvements I think it would take this cheat to the next level.

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