EFT Leviathan


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Been using it for 2 months now and haven't been banned, for that I am pleased as previous EFT cheats have gotten me banned in only a few days.

A few things could be improved on though.

1. Aimbot is not always very accurate. Misses allot if the target is running to the side. Needs to learn to lead target.

2. Seems to be aiming for the chest allot of the time which has gotten me killed many times as they can be behind cover shooting at you but all you can shoot is the hard cover below the head.

Thats pretty much it. Has good aimbot but doesn't hit running targets well and seems to lock onto the body not head which can get you killed and make long range shots ineffective.



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Thank you for your review! ❤️ 

Aimbot we disabled no sway, recoil and breath so long shots will be in aimbot, we did enable this things in EFT Quantum if you wanna give it a shot ?

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