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  1. I play on PC with an Xbox one controller can you get the aimbot to work for controller. I only get the Warzone hack and it does not seem to work with controller even if I change the settings and load up a Warzone learning match. Everything else works beautifully and I like the craftsmanship and the way you helped with the video's one settings. See I have a 0.69 KD I am at best okay at the game your hacks have helped me play without getting noticed that I can see them and I play as if I did not have the hacks, so sometimes I die on purpose. Thanks for making such a great tool, I can tell not when I don't have hack the ones that have it and when I have it I can tell they have it to so that changes how I play in the game.
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  2. Thank you for this review ❤️ If you wish to use aimbot on controller you need to check this guide out:
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