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Things are looking up.

Posted by ENGINEERISAAC 6 months ago
Innovation is in the air, Hackers are getting the boot. The community is starting the path to kindness once again, things couldn't look better! So far we are seeing a calm down of overly explosive rage cats who would rather shoot poison then defend themselves in a democratic banning system. Servers are filling up and last night the SA crowed took some intense battles to on in-game.

Once again Welcome to Battlelog. The game that should have been dead 2 years ago, Except its not! That's due to some extremely amazing people who have some awesomely detailed talents! More amazing things are on the horizon we always as usual are ever tirelessly making the system run more efficiently and cost effectively. As well keeping the ever constant wave of hacking attempts to a minimum.

Personally my Agenda here is to help you the community have a better outreach to the DEV team. I have seen too many rage filled frustrated posts about issues that can be solved however they are compounded by emotional outbursts that effectively null any effort to communicate properly. Its my Job to help guide you in the BF2 Experience so it can be a pleasant and expansive one for everybody.

With Over 17 Years of community experience I expressively know what the wrong way looks like, As well as the right way. What I do know is when new players come here they are either grateful or stuck depending on the situation. Grateful that the game has been repaired! Or stuck that the game does not work for them. Its important for us as a community to work together to solve even the most simple and repeated questions. So that we yet can have a new player come to the group!

I remember the day i pre-ordered BF2 it came with a janky headset for the all new VOIP service built in first of its kind squad chat! Starting the game up was pure fun nobody knew what they where doing and helicopters crashed all the time people were bad at it. Ironically though today the same is spoken, there is an entirely new generation of people playing BF2 for the first time now! and its an amazing sight!

So I say to you all Welcome to the battlefield!
Love Engineerisaac.