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Good Work Squad!

Posted by ENGINEERISAAC 5 months ago
So after our brief battle with digital death, we as a community saw BF2 Jesus, and you the fans Delivered! Not only did you donate to pull us out of the Late notices from our network. But you helped us Fix so many things that only money could fix. Thanks to you and Will live longer. We at this moment today are as the accountants say. In the Black. We Destroyed the Debt we had. And are on the stable ground once again.

I cannot thank you all for your efforts. However, I want to make it clear. Your wave of donations so amazing as your last wave push will only last so long. We are an enterprise of volunteers and businessmen making zero off this project. This project for the Dev team is about the experience. the opportunity to be in front of cutting edge technologies and getting hands on experience. Many Devs that have had their hands on the code Move into brilliant roles in amazing companies of the gaming world. has been around for a long while now. We have become the staple of the Refractor Engine and its legacy, And we are not done yet. Our plans are to keep going and make this place more amazing and more recognized as a legitimate retirement home for more games.

I am not going to lie to my community we built years ago. This project isn't cheap. And it Heavily relies on you the gamer to keep it going. I want to make sure you all know the amazing amount of gratitude I have for you all. The Donation Drive was an amazing push and got our bills now paid. But you must know is this community is not cheap. We issue thousands of connections. Burn terabytes of bandwidth. Store database of millions of stats process hundreds of servers and unlocks.

So while I am grateful for your service to the cause. I just want to make you ever aware that every month is a balance of donations, Efficiency in programming and Pure Luck.

So for me to thank you now does not really imply we are good for the foreseeable future. as that is simply not the case. As We stated before we will do monthly donation drives to keep you in the loop.

Love Engineerisaac.
Thank you for keeping the revive heart pumping!