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Hi friends,

Revive Network's to-do list is ever growing, so much so that we need to ask for help! If you,or anyone you know is experienced with PHP, MySQL, Javascript (NodeJS is a plus), or any other languages, and have a serious interest in helping the Revive Network grow, let us know here! We have a lot of systems in place that keep this place running, and could use a hand operating them all.

For some background info, we run our systems on Amazon Web Services utilizing a vast amount of services they have to offer such as EC2, Lambda, S3, CloudFront, DynamoDB, and more. A lot of systems are in place to handle statistics tracking, the website, user management, and internal applications for management purposes. We have several upcoming and current projects we need a lot of help with when it comes to the web programming. The back-end game systems (such as the login system and the server listing) is primarily handled through a series of NodeJS applications.

Mike and I, with new jobs, are finding it hard to complete all the goals we have set for Revive. If you think you'll fit like a glove, let us know! You don't have to be an expert- this project is a learning experience for everyone. Don't be shy!

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Finally. I want to know Python.
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Mysyk Python is actually pretty easy. Real easy.

I'd suggest you start of with the 'Python Programming for Dummies' or at Codecademy.
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I'll try to post this message at some places as well, who knows, it may reach out to someone who will be able to help
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Great idea Coffeecup132! Thanks.
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I did get a message to Spencer but I think there is no look, I have a friend for some time, he is a developer, the game of games (also obviously Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142) he can help, he now owns a community Argentina, He confirmed to me that yes, and to tell you what to do mostly as a developer.
Thank you for your antention.
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I wish I could help but I don't have any of those skills. And it seems at Dethkok we also partially lost our Dev to a new job.

What about we set a crowd-funding target to raise a specific amount of cash to pay for the most urgent Dev work? This could be a banner on the home page and we count down till we get enough donations to fund the work?

On a related note, please get a Battlelog bitcoin wallet - - so I can donate to you with zero (or close to zero) transaction fees.
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Hi spencer I have people who can help, I already mentioned your name and where you can find, I will have more support I have some knowledge of sql and programming if you use my collaboration at least I can help you with 3 hours a day anyway I will look for more support for the Team we are interested in that project to revive do not die
Here the friend who told me that this dispuerto help and is programmer and belongs to our clan can contact him
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I could lend a hand here and there. I do NodeJS for a living.
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I can help with anything that I can.. I know CC, FTP , some older web page programming, some older programming languages etc.. If I can help in any way I am down.. I work from home so I have time whenever I need time...
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I'm here to help, I'm good at BF2 Servers, BF2142, Cracking, PHP, MYSQL etc.
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Hey, I'm pretty new to professional development, but currently just over one year in and I'm a full stack web developer. I'm pretty familiar with AngularJS, SQL, Java, and can do serviceable things in C++.
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