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  1. admin


    Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate the nice words 🙂
  2. admin

    EFT coz

    Guide on the downloads page, sir 🙂
  3. admin

    how to load up EFT COZ hack

    Guide on the downloads page.
  4. admin

    RST Regnant - Review

    Thanks for the heads up, yes we will be working on that. Thanks for the nice review, glad you enjoy our products.
  5. Rust should be up for most people right now, solving the final things for the rest who seem to have issues 🙂
  6. admin

    Dayz Cheat

    f1, f2, end, insert, or home depending on the product 🙂
  7. admin


    Yes it should work on the configuration mentioned above.
  8. admin

    apex chesse

    Always check /status page.
  9. admin

    help plz

    Contact on the support system for support.
  10. admin

    dayz im still alive

    Solve what you havent said anything of use? 🙂
  11. admin

    can i use EFT?

    Hello sir, use the support system but depends on the product. 🙂
  12. admin


    DayZ Regnant and DayZ prime is mainly different in that they use different drivers to circumvent the anti-cheats. I do however recommend the Regnant for now.
  13. admin

    Rust Cheat

    Hi, use the support system for more advanced questions, please 🙂🙂
  14. admin


    Its a good, stable product. Speedhack can cause issues sometimes.
  15. admin

    EFT noob

    Read what down says on the status page - its clearly stated there.