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  2. " Hello first, my name is Paul Wimmer and I would like to describe my experience with the cheat of So I'll start this time. -> I will divide this information into 4 sections. ESP: The ESP includes many settings that are very helpful from the name to distance settings and life ads. So for a legitimate application, the ESP is perfect and there are no objections. Aimbot: The Aimbot works with Smooth and includes as many settings that are very clear, from Crircle (the area in which the Aimbot is triggered visualized), distance setting and the Smoothness settings themselves, as well as Hitbox settings. On the whole, I find this Aimbot perfect. (Tip: set the Aimkey to "Left Mouse Button") Recoil: The Recoil settings include Spread, Recoil settings, and an activation button. In the beginning it was a bit confusing for me with this setting being the number "0.00" is spread as well as Recoil way is the number> "0.00" will Recoil and spread will resist more. (Hint: Sets the "NS / RS Apply Key" to "Left Mouse Button") So the Recoil / Spread modifier is super but already the level of 0.00 to 0.05 is huge whom you can extrapolate to 1.00 (Vlt. Editable) ) The support: The support I did not use often actually not at all but as I wrote with this I found the Admin Sympathetic. Of course I hope this stays that way 🙂 MFG: Paul Wimmer Appendix -> For a good legit testette "cfg" just write me. I'm open to everything 😉 (but only if you can not help yourself anymore)" Hi Thanks for the kind review, sir. Have a nice day.
  3. admin

    PUBG hack question.

    It starts when you activate the software in the launcher.
  4. admin

    R6 hack start up

    Hi, there are guides for each hack on the download page for each software. Check there please.
  5. admin

    R6S Hack

    Hi, there is guides for each hack on the download page. - admin
  6. Hi! Thanks for the kind review! We can talk about this privately sir.
  7. Thank you for the kind review mate! Appreciated!
  8. Thanks for the kind review. Appreciate it!
  9. admin

    Where to find HWID Reset Key

    You dont get a HWID key, go to the register page on the launcher and login with just your username chosen in the register page. Read the guide before asking questions please.
  10. admin

    failed connection

    We have nothing to do with MX linux my friend, I have no idea what you are talking about.
  11. admin

    failed connection

    Hello, the hack is being updated 🙂 Edit: And btw, your 24 hour access does NOT start before you have activated your license key. This is to ensure that no customer will loose time if problems occur when injecting the hack for the first time.
  12. admin


    RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Prime SAFE AND UNDETECTED FOR 4 MONTHS. Windows version? : WIN10 1709 1803 1809 1903 | SUPPORTS AMD AND INTEL I7 PROCESSORS FEATURES : ESP : Max Distance Config Show Distance Show Teammates Player Names HP Bars Vertical HP Bars Player Bones Player Head Dot AIMBOT FOV Aimbot Distance Aimbot Smooth Aim Bone AimKey MISC Recoil Modifier Spread Modifier NS/NR Apply Key
  13. admin

    RUST Supreme

    RUST SUPREME WinVersion: SUPPORTS 1709 1803 1809 1903 (RECOMMEND 1803 FOR MINIMAL CRASHES) INTEL CPU ONLY!!! NOTE: INCLUDES HWID SPOOFER FEATURES: Visuals - players - players - scientists - teammates - sleepers - name - distance - weapon - skeleton - box - healthbar - healthbar verticle - hitbox circle - other - ore - crates - barrels - collectibles - hostile vehicles - vehicles - animals - machines - stashes - items - fov circle Aimbot - options - Aimkey - max fov - players - scientist - teammates - projectile drop prediction - velocity prediction - smoothing - ore/tree Aimkey misc - options - force daytime - enable debugcamera - auto pickup collectibles - auto pickup items - no spread - no recoil - no sway - aim while sprinting - hitbox size - spiderman - custom gravity - quick heal - instant revive - animation - fix scoped esp
  14. admin

    cant join discord - Solved

    The discord server is per invite basis only for now because of trollers. This issue has been resolved and Hansi is enjoying his hack at this moment after help via TeamViewer 🙂 Kind Regards, The Team.