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  1. I will say this site has great devs... The best hacks I have used . Only down fall is when your order goes pending for days... You are left unknowing what is going on. If you ask anything you are put at the end of the line..... I understand that support tickets are handled by the server so if you pull it out of line you start over.. But this is a little stupid that I submit payment payment is confirmed on the payment site all they have to do is check the order number I gave them from blockchain or coin base that show that they have the money just sitting there. I would just like to let you all know that even the best are only as good as the weakest of their links..,.. And their links are really weak in this spot. I will continue to wait to see if anything ever comes out of this.... And give you guys up dates as to what's happens...... Watch your crypto invest wisely and be safe and cheat on my friends at the other end of my scope ..........