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  1. From all of us at Battlelog we wish you a very Merry Christmas!! Hope this holiday season you spend some quality time with your family and loved ones ❤️ 

    Here is 30% discount code valid for next 2 days for you to use as a gift from us! 🙂 



  2. Am I A

    Apex Phoenix

    Thank you for the review sir ❤️ You have not tagged the correct Frost though, I have removed this. Hopefully the cheat is back online soon though, but no ETA right now.
  3. Am I A

    OW Bionic hack

    Thank you for the lovely and honest review ❤️ I personally do not have any recommended settings but maybe @Frost13 can help with this, as he has experience.
  4. Thank you ❤️. Cold War hacks should be here any day now. 🙂
  5. Thank you for the kind words, we appreciate it ? Glad you having load of fun after getting the hacks working ?
  6. Thank you for these kind words! ❤❤
  7. Thank you for these kind words. Frost truly is something else. I am very humble to have him a part of the Battlelog family ❤❤❤
  8. yo just brought it how do i download it?


  9. PUBG SUPREME LOADER  no longer working and my PUBG account has been permanently banned, I need 1 explanation

  10. Hello admin  , I have problem with the key that you gave me . A supporter told me to ask you.



    Don't use it

    1. Am I A

      Am I A

      Go here; 

      Click "manage" on your purchase, to see your key. 

  12. Where can i find my key  ,Can anyone tell me


  13. where is my key

  14. why when i used aimbot to other player will not focus

    1. alan6666


      Cod aimbot


  15. Any word on supreme??

    1. magsdaddy


      would be a great help! Everyones wondering. Just an ETA!