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  1. Thank you for these kind words! ❤❤
  2. Thank you for these kind words. Frost truly is something else. I am very humble to have him a part of the Battlelog family ❤❤❤
  3. yo just brought it how do i download it?


  4. PUBG SUPREME LOADER  no longer working and my PUBG account has been permanently banned, I need 1 explanation

  5. Hello admin  , I have problem with the key that you gave me . A supporter told me to ask you.


  6. No. There are NO free hacks ANYWHERE on the internet. Nothing is free! It costs a coder time and resources, no one does this for free and if someone does release free hacks, they are patched 99% of the time within hours of release and you will just be instantly banned. Not to mention, people hide viruses in "free hacks".
  7. Am I A


    Yes 🙂 90% of all companies ONLY ban your HHD/SSD serials. Just buy some new cheap ones from amazon or somewhere and pop those bad boys in and re-install windows. Then you are good to go 🙂 If you want to take this a step further, you can buy 2 HHDs, 2 SSDs and set them up in raid0. This way everytime you get banned you can just reset your raid and it will reset your HWID / generate a new one, as you are creating a new raid. If you want to understand more about raid0, check out some youtube videos 🙂
  8. Am I A


    This really is not a payment question and does not really belong here. Though this question is kind of bios on our part, as we work for Battlelog. So feel free to browse the forums and see if you like what you see 🙂 If you do want an answer though, then yes, I believe we are reliable and safe. We strive to deliver the best customer service.
  9. We currently only accept PayPal and coinbase. You can signup with PayPal and register your card there and pay.
  10. You can switch subscription to a product made by a different coder for a cost. I am not 100% sure on the costs right now. The reason there is a cost, is because, we have to pay out for 2 keys. The cost is not as much as a brand new key, but enough to cover both us and you. 🙂

    Don't use it

    1. Am I A

      Am I A

      Go here; 

      Click "manage" on your purchase, to see your key. 

  12. Where can i find my key  ,Can anyone tell me


  13. where is my key

  14. why when i used aimbot to other player will not focus

    1. alan6666


      Cod aimbot


  15. Any word on supreme??

    1. magsdaddy


      would be a great help! Everyones wondering. Just an ETA!