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  1. MW2/WZ2 Quantum and Odin Private Slotted have been updated to the latest game patch. All time lost has been compensated ❤️ 

  2. R6 Ultimate has a new loader. Please download if you are using. Thanks ❤️ 

  3. Multiple loaders have been uploaded / updated, please check downloads page. Few products back online too. Enjoy ❤️ 

  4. Thank you for the kind review, will pass this onto harvs 🙂
  5. F-Nite Ultimate has been released! Has amazing aimbot! Please enjoy ❤️ 

  6. F-Nite Odin has been updated and re-released. Please enjoy the new product ❤️ Also new guide. 🙂 

  7. EFT Odin new loader. Now also has container ESP loot and filter ❤️ 

  8. Hello sir, sorry for long wait for a reply. Yes this issue will happen because the aimbot will only lock dead centre. Now if you have over 3000hours in EFT like me, you will know 3 things come into account. 1) Recoil 2) Breathe 3) Spread of bullets. Now given those 3 factors if you use the aimbot as it is, then you will likely miss more using the aimbot, simply because 90% of the time the sight is just not on the player, but the aimbot is locked to where dead centre is, and well... how often do you think the red dot or any sight is dead centre, hardly at all. Paste my review I did over 2 years ago nearly below, this will explain how to eliminate at least 2 of those factors above, as for recoil, going prone of have single shot guns I would say is best. Mosin, MA1 those guns are king for this type of aimbot, not spray and pray. THIS SECTION IS HOW TO SET UP THE AIM BOT CORRECTLY The aimbot is somewhat difficult to master, u'll get use to it very quickly but give yourself some time to understand how it works. but if you read this i'm going to save you some painful hours. When the aimbot locks onto a targets head, at lets say 60 meters, u'll still have a lot of gun sway when stood up or crouching, because of this, the aimbot wants to shoot right down the middle to the players head of were your crosshair should be(or any part you chose to lock onto), but because of the gun sway u'll actually be aiming slightly to the left or right, and will only hit the shot 25% of the time. To fix this problem, bind your AIMBOT LOCK toggle key to the same key as your EFT hold breath button(mine is both mouse button 5) What this does is not only stops the gun from swaying slightly and missing the head at even as close as to 50 meters, but it allows the aimbot to shoot perfectly down the centre of where it wants to shoot for the head, because holding your breath centres the gun perfectly while ADS'ing Example; you aimlock someones head @ 60 meters, you shoot but you miss slightly because of gun sway. Example 2; you aimlock someones head @ 60 meters, and also hold your breath at the same time (because you have bound hold breath the same button as aimbot toggle) whiling aiming and your gun will be perfectly centred for the headshot. once I figured this out the hack was bliss. so please please take some time to set this up. It will help out a ton!
  9. We accept USD(American version) or you can switch the price to euros.
  10. EFT KD Dropper is here! This will help you avoid auto bans and manual reviews for having high KDA. 

  11. Amaia

    apex Deluxe

    Apex ultimate has native controller support. As for Apex deluxe, I shall speak to the developer to see if he can add it. For now though if you really want controller support, ultimate is the way to go. Thanks for your review and support ❤️
  12. Hello sir, sorry for this, please visit support live chat so they are able to create an issue report. Actually there was a new loader uploaded 1 hour ago. Please try this loader, hopefully your issue is fixed. Thanks for the review and your continued support for Battlelog ❤️
  13. Omega Spoofer now support valorant again! Enjoy playing! ❤️ 

  14. MW2 Ultimate has been updated. Injection should be faster now, sorry for the delay. All time lost has been compensated ❤️ 

  15. R6 Ultimate has been released! Please enjoy the product! Tons of features! ❤️