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Status Updates posted by Frost

  1. New EFT cheat is now available for purchase, never detected and integrated HWID spoofer, hope you have fun ❤️ 

  2. I truly wish you all the best for new year! ❤️ 

    Thank you for all your support and trust, we look forward of having you with us another year! 


  3. Vanguard Exclusive now available in store page! 

    Have fun ❤️ 

  4. Thank you from all of us here at Battlelog, for your continued support and trust. 

    Next few months will be awesome!! We will bring many more games for you as new releases are coming ❤️ 

  5. Hello!

    Unfortunately our chat system providers server went offline.

    There is nothing we can do about it as it is not related to our server or services but to wait for them to resolve the issue on their end.

    They are aware of it and fully dedicated to bring it back online at shortest time possible.

    We do apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused you, and we thank you for understanding.

    When you see CHAT button at the bottom right side of the page you will know we are back online and ready to help!
    Thank you for your trust and support.


  6. Supper happy to announce that we are now selling hacks for Dota 2! 

    We know how hard are this to come by so we decided to provide some for you, easies and safest way to buy Dota 2 hacks only at ❤️ 




  7. Trusted accounts that are 100% verified for 1$ only here at Battlelog!! ❤️

    - SMS confirmation done 

    - email confirmation done 

    - random generated name for extra security


    Purchase yours now here:


  8. Apex is a Free To Play fast paced Battle Royal game! 

    By far my favorite game to play and have fun in ❤️ 

    - Quantum is the hack I've been using lately and I'm having a blast! 

    From aimbot prediction to make them wingman headshot POP! 

    To Near bone hit aimbot so even people spectating you will not see anything out of ordinary 

    30+ adjustable ESP with different GLOW effects 

    To amazing skeleton and Bones ESP to make it
    stream proof! 

    You really can't go wrong with Apex Quantum! 

    Oh and yes it has
    HWID spoofer so you can keep on going ? 

    Buy yours now starting at only



  9. Really excited to get you guys this guide and a solution on how to get off COD bans ether shadow or HWID ban in matter of minutes. 

    - No more windows re-install 
    - No more hours of waiting and guides
    - No more struggle 

    5 Steps and Super Spoofer is all it takes now to get off and play again! 

    Make sure to check it out here:


  10. Really happy to show you all our new Guide! 

    For all of you stuck on 2-setp verification we now have a way to avoid 2-Step SMS verification



  11. Hey everyone! 

    Just wanted to share few things with you all ?

    1. Our email system got a bit glitchy and we could not reply (well we could) but... It would go to your junk directly, this is now fixed so please do not think we ignored your requests its just that we did not know.

    2. Due to high increase of traffic we are seeing more and more support demand, we recruited already additional members for support and will be doing training for them to join our team so we can help you even faster, I do apologize for longer waiting time on support especially  around 11am to 4pm  EST. 

    3. A lot of you had a concern with COD and new ban system, we will always take care of you guys and test something ourselves before getting it back we will look very closely to assure your safety and never blindly release something so yes some providers are getting ban reports but this is not the case with us ❤️ 

  12. Happy to present to you Rust Colt!! 

    Weeks of hard work to bring you guys with the most secure yet very affordable RUST hack on the market!

    HWID spoofer included!!!! 

    Grab yours now here:



  13. As you all know we always try to deliver you all with the best products in the market! 

    I'm super excited that now we offer Cold War Supreme at one of the lowest prices as well! 

    Top that off with 24/7 live chat support and the best developers and you can't go wrong ❤️ 

    New Prices: 

    24 Hours access now only 9$
    7 Days access now only 35$
    30 Days access now only 69$

    Buy yours now here:



  14. Happy New Year!

    2020 has been something else, for all of us.

    In the world of bad, we hope you found something good.

    To end this year right we would love to offer all of our loyal customers a 20% discount code.


    Few things to keep in mind while using this code:

    1) Only enter it on the website when you are 100% sure this is what you want as it will work only 1 time so enter it right

    2) Code is valid for the next 48 hours if you just got a new key not to worry key time only starts when entered in loader for the first time! So grab yours now and save it for later.  

    We wish you all a
    Happy New Year! and let 2021 be the best year yet for all of you!

    Thank you for your trust and loyalty.

    - Battlelog Team

  15. The safest EFT hack in the public market

    EFT Overload specializes in ESP only with no risky features, for users to stay under the radar and play worry free ❤️ ? 

    Buy yours now here:


  16. From all of us at Battlelog we wish you a very Merry Christmas!! Hope this holiday season you spend some quality time with your family and loved ones ❤️ 

    Here is 30% discount code valid for next 2 days for you to use as a gift from us! ? 



  17. Really happy to announce we have for all of you new Rust Delta product! 

    Take advantage and loads of fun with this newest product! 

    Buy yours now here: 



  18. After days of testing, making sure all is set and ready for you guys I'm supper excited and happy to bring you guys new COLD WAR THOR We implemented safety that no other hack in the market has right now! 

    Grab yours now and play worry free with our legit recommended setting and have thousands of fun hours dominating new COD Cold War game!! 



  19. Supper excited to have ESP only Valo hack for you guys!! 

    Stay super safe, look
    super legit and win games easily with our new Valo Fallen

    - Battlelog Team! 


  20. Really happy to announce we now have DayZ Quantum available for purchase! 

    For the first time we even offer DayZ access for 24 Hours, so for all of you that are not sure if you will love the game you can give it a try before doing commitment for 30 days ❤️ 

    Happy Hacking!! 

    - Battlelog Team



  21. Happy to announce we will be doing Special Promotion for COD Exclusive!! 

    Remember your key starts the count only when you enter it in loader ❤️ 

    - Battlelog Team





  22. From the whole Battlelog team I want to say thank you! 

    Thank you for your patience!
    Thank you for your trust!
    Thank you for your commitment!

    Having you guys around with amazing support, all reviews you leave means a lot to us! 

    We are here to make difference, in the way no one has ever done before!
    We are here for you! we will do everything in our power to help you, protect you, and deliver an easy way of purchase and usage of
    Game Enhancement software! 

    If even you have a concern, question, or just want someone to talk to our live chat support is here for you 24/7 ❤️ 

  23. Really excited to present you all with in-depth cleaning guide on how to shake off bans, and play again! 

    Tested with 4 users!! On games such as; COD, Apex and R6!! 

    We made sure steps are as easy to follow, and even included video for all of you to see while going over installation, and cleaning process of you windows! 

    Really hope this helps you all getting back in your favorite games!! ❤️ 

    Battlelog Team