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  1. Hey everyone! 

    Just wanted to share few things with you all ?

    1. Our email system got a bit glitchy and we could not reply (well we could) but... It would go to your junk directly, this is now fixed so please do not think we ignored your requests its just that we did not know.

    2. Due to high increase of traffic we are seeing more and more support demand, we recruited already additional members for support and will be doing training for them to join our team so we can help you even faster, I do apologize for longer waiting time on support especially  around 11am to 4pm  EST. 

    3. A lot of you had a concern with COD and new ban system, we will always take care of you guys and test something ourselves before getting it back we will look very closely to assure your safety and never blindly release something so yes some providers are getting ban reports but this is not the case with us ❤️