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  1. I have extended experience with usage of MW, Apex, SuperSpoofer,Regnant Spoofer and basic knowledge of OW hacks, need anything? let me know ?

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    2. Frost


      Hello ? it’s more advance hack to setup, but that’s a good thing! I started with hack when I was lvl 37 and I play on 2 different accounts. 1 full game access and one only WarZone access. Account number 1 is now on lvl 94 and account number 2 is now on lvl 72. So far I had 0 bans, hack is insanely good, item ESP, player, Aimbot all your heart desires it has ? I do not use aimbot as with ESP alone you are so OP and just to be safe. I would 110% recommend it to anyone.

    3. Dread


      thanks for the advice - i might give it a try

    4. Dread


      I just purchased it but having trouble setting it up - would you be able to run me through? 

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