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  1. Thank you for your review, when anti cheat comes we will fight it same way we do EAC and BE, we will always do our best to protect you guys ❤️
  2. Snowball

    Domo Arigatou!

    Happy holidays! Hope you enjoy it and spend quality time with your family ❤️
  3. Glad to hear this bud ❤️
  4. Glad you are enjoying our support, we are online 24/7 for you guys ❤️
  5. Glad to hear this bud, hope you have much fun using our services ❤️
  6. Really happy to see reviews like this, I'm glad you are having fun with us ❤️
  7. Really glad to hear such experience, hope you have many many more fun and safe gameplay hours with us ❤️
  8. We are always online to help you guys out ❤️
  9. Christmas came in early this year!! Hope you have loads of FUN!! ❤️
  10. Glad you are linking it, hope you have loads of fun here with us ❤️
  11. 100% as the game just got out we are re-working a lot of things and we will keep updating every day ❤️
  12. Glad you are having fun, hope we see you around for many many years to come ❤️
  13. I'm sure we will find a way to sort it all out for you till the end, thats what we are here for ❤️
  14. Glad you like it, hope you have tons of fun ❤️
  15. Snowball


    Please know that a lot of issues are now due to game being just release and things like this will be fixed ASAP ❤️
  16. Really glad you and your friend are having fun ❤️
  17. Vanguard Exclusive now available in store page! 

    Have fun ❤️ 

  18. Glad you are having fun with us 🙂❤️
  19. We will look into this but also need to wait a bit for us to see what Vanguard and their anticheat brings to the table, some options we might need to remove for the security reasons ❤️
  20. Snowball


    Really glad you are enjoying our services ❤️
  21. Glad to hear this, we are online 24/7 if ever you guys need anything at all we will be here for you ❤️
  22. Glad you like it, hope you have loads of fun and we will as always do all in our power to make it as safe as possible for you guys ❤️
  23. Glad to hear this ❤️ Thank you for your feedback 🙂
  24. Glad we got it all up and running, hope you have a lot of fn with us! 🙂❤️