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  1. You can do so yes, all our keys will not start till you enter them first time in loader so you can save it for later and use it when first one runs out ❤️
  2. We will work on this soon happens here and there at the moment ❤️ See if you wanna give leviathan a shot as well 🙂
  3. Frost

    Exlusive warzone

    I keep radar set as it is usually, no UAV like premium right now but we are working on getting Premium for AMD CPU as well sometime soon ❤️
  4. You keep on saving lives out there and we will be happy to save yours here online anytime ❤️
  5. ❤️ It will chnage serial numbers that session, once you restart PC serial numbers will go back to normal 🙂
  6. Frost

    Cold war supreme

    We are adding visibility check for Cold War supreme ASAP ❤️ 🙂
  7. Frost

    COD WZ Exlusive

    2 reasons for this. Controller users need re-mapping software for aimbot to work Make sure to assign aim-key to something you will press and hold to use aimbot ❤️
  8. Frost

    MW Exclusive

    Happy to see this ❤️ V2 loader has all the same options now and it is more stable, so feel free to give it a go, and you know we are always online for you if you run into any trouble ❤️
  9. Frost


    We will get more in next few hours for you sir ❤️
  10. Frost


    Really happy to hear this ❤️ Games become so much more fun with them! Here is to many more fun gaming nights!! 🍻
  11. Love you back ❤️😄 Added skeleton color, INSERT is new key to bring up the menu and you can adjust it all up with your mouse ❤️ 🙂
  12. Frost

    EFT Enhancement

    Great to hear this ❤️ We will add hide FOV soon for you guys 🙂
  13. we are looking to add such features to this hack but the way it's coded we will need time ❤️
  14. Thank you sir ❤️ We will be adding something like this very soon 🙂
  15. Frost


    Great to hear this hehe ❤️ Also you can try and enabling them should be ok but if you crash keep them closed 🙂
  16. Frost

    Exclusive warzone

    If you crash sir please use our V2 loader ❤️
  17. Recoil is not as strong on this as it is external, if you are looking for good anti-recoil system I would recommend you trying Exclusive ❤️
  18. Frost

    Mixed feelings

    We fixed injection process please try now hope you will be more happy ❤️
  19. We will look into FPS drops right away for you and fix it all up ❤️ Glad you are having fun with new loader 🙂
  20. Frost

    EFT Overload

    Sorry we are taking a while we want to be 100% sure you guys are safe before we give it out, new BE updates and new security they are adding is a bit hard ❤️
  21. Frost

    Great website

    Thank you ❤️
  22. If you wish to use aimbot on controller you need to do our guide on how to set that up you can find it here:
  23. Frost

    EFT leviathan

    Yes sir just use arrow keys ❤️
  24. Frost

    Warzone Exclusive

    Depends on settings you use and if you use controller sir ❤️