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  1. Frost

    Ole Timer

    Thank you for detailed review I really appreciate you being with us and always happy to see customers like this after so long time being and supporting us ❤️
  2. Thank you for your reply I'm glad you are enjoying our software and have fun ❤️
  3. Frost

    Apex Quan

    No ETA as we need to re-code the whole loader I'm sorry ❤️
  4. We will be ready for whatever they bring ❤️
  5. Never heard of this in over 4500 hours of playing apex and using over 50 hacks to test it all out, but ok ?❤️
  6. Frost

    EFT Leviathan

    F5 is to activate aimbot sir you can use arrow keys to adjust all other settings ❤️
  7. We hope to have it re-worked soon sir and have it online in next 30 days at most ❤️
  8. Please come to live chat support, we will swap you to Faze spoofer right away, we wanna make sure everything works for you and you are enjoying your time here ❤️
  9. Frost

    EFT Leviathan

    Thank you for your review! ❤️ Aimbot we disabled no sway, recoil and breath so long shots will be in aimbot, we did enable this things in EFT Quantum if you wanna give it a shot ?
  10. We are working on apex now to fix and adjust few things ❤️ 1. This won't be possible as hack is external layer to make it as safe as possible ? 2. - 3. Chest and closest target will be added soon ❤️ 4. Working on snapping out of FOV when they leave the FOV circle as well ? 5. Will look into this ?
  11. Frost

    Quantum AL

    We are re-working latest EAC patch against it we do not have ETA right now but we should be having it up in next 4-5 days I hope ❤️
  12. Frost

    MW Exclusive

    We added it in prediction sir it works automatically now for all weapons ❤️
  13. It will not white screen you anymore ❤️
  14. After season 10 we have plans to bring it down to 10-20 option ❤️
  15. Hello, After reading your review I believe our live chat support team can help you with your enquire and how to proceeded in such scenario. Please do use live chat support button at the bottom right of your screen (green button) And ask our 24/7 live chat any support questions you have. Thank you for your understanding and trust ❤️
  16. We are looking into this sir sorry for the delay ❤️
  17. Frost


    Please come to live chat for us to solve leviathan crashing for you ❤️
  18. Frost

    AL Quantum

    All updated status can be found on our status page site ❤️ Apex will be back online ASAP and all time will be compensated for all active keys ?
  19. Frost

    EFT leviathan

    We are in final stages of testing, we do a lot of testing to make sure you guys are safe and software should be back online in next 2 days with all lost time compensated to all your keys ❤️
  20. We will open it to more users as soon as we see improvement on server side ❤️ I do apologize to keep you waiting for over a week for the key and thank you for understanding that 2.0 is building up and this is all for your safety ❤️
  21. Please come to live hat support for us to fix the issue if we can't we will swap your key over so you do not lose any money with us ❤️
  22. We will add it soon, 1 should work as well looks more legit with 1 IMO ❤️
  23. We will do our best to have it back up asap for you guys ❤️
  24. It activates Advanced UAV all the time ❤️
  25. There was game update we had to fix some bugs, we managed to get it back up in 4 hours and added 5 hours as compensation for all of you, hope you had some great fun again ❤️