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  1. 1. No please keep it on ? 2. Yes unless you use Supreme and set it to record gameplay only 3. No it renders from 0m to whatever you set it to ❤️ 4. 30 Days means longer sub on time so this is what you are paying for, most of the hacks do the same thing but this is how they are sorted: Exclusive = very affordable, and fast updates Leviathan = Best aimbot in the market Supreme = Stream Proof but external so not as smooth Premium = Spoofer included
  2. Frost

    Apex hack

    We are doing all we can to get it back up for you guys, as you know safety first so might take a while for it but its all due to safety and making sure you guys are safe ❤️
  3. We did days of testing to make sure its safe as long as you do not abuse aimbot you should be just fine ❤️
  4. Frost

    Warzone PREM

    Premium comes with build in HWID spoofer and that makes it safer for your HWID serial numbers but like premium leviathan was never detected as well ❤️
  5. They are both super safe with us ❤️
  6. Premium is only expensive as it comes with its own spoofer but it is not our best product... Levi has the best aimbot in the world while Supreme is only external hack that allows it to be stream proof, bare in mind it will not work as smooth as internal hacks ?
  7. Glad to hear this! ? Some hacks are stream safe, this would be mentioned before purchasing on store if they are ❤️
  8. We know we can get more money if we add that, but at this point its not about the money we care, we care about your safety and adding such thing puts you guys at risk for getting ban and we rather have you safe and playing for many more months to come ❤️
  9. Correct sir, our GTA mode was never detected.. we do limit some options ether for legal reasons or ban issues reasons. We rather give less options and keep you guys safe ❤️ CEO money you recruit someone in your company and activate positive on them as CEO money then they will get 10k every 10 seconds ?
  10. I will look into this personally now and see what can be done with that smooth rate adjusters for you ❤️
  11. Use up and down arrow keys to adjust FOV ❤️
  12. Frost


    Not at the moment sir as we thought this is not needed ❤️ ?
  13. Just increase virtual memory to match your ram and you will not crash again ❤️
  14. We will continue to bring new and better ways of providing best services for you guys ❤️ Trace cleaners for Apex are actually on the list and will be worked on after some few projects we wanna finish first ?
  15. Since there was huge security update we need to take time to test it all out and we really wanna make sure you guys are safe ❤️
  16. Just increase your virtual memory and should fix that up for you, come to live chat support they can teach you how to do this ❤️
  17. 2D Box = 2D Box Bone = Bone Distance = ESP Distance Nicknames = Nicknames HealthBar = Health Points Bar Boomb = Grenade Warning Item = ESP for items Targeted Alert = Alert if someone aiming at you Angle = Range enemy warning EnemyWeapon = Shows EnemyWeapon RadarSetting = Radar Friendly = Friendly ESP NoFaint = Will not aim at downed player Invisible Free = Will not aim at hidden players Aimsmooth = Smoothrate for aimbot ShootingWaitScope = Will unscope you when enemy is behind wall
  18. Make sure visibility check is turned on and should only work on visible targets ?
  19. Sorry you feel this way, we would not like to change it as well but it was matter of security and we rather have you guys angry at us then get your account banned ❤️
  20. Frost


    Developer is dealing with some personal things and we need to allow him that time to get his life in order again ❤️
  21. Frost


    Developer is just dealing with some personal things so we wanna give him that space and time he needs ❤️ No ETA but he will be back ?
  22. We will always try to bring you guys the best software for the best prices ❤️ Developer is just handling some things in personal life and we wanna give him that space as he is trying hard to get back in but things happen and all we can do now is support him and hope he comes back stronger ?❤️
  23. Really happy to see such long members ❤️ DBD was getting hit left and right with updates and then Valo got hit as well developer is working super hard on getting it back up for you all ❤️
  24. Frost


    Glad to see this sir ❤️ Its different loader but our 24/7 liver chat support is always here to help with any questions you might have ?