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  1. You just need reset of HWID come to support we will sort it out ❤️
  2. We are looing into this already ❤️
  3. Frost

    MW Warrzone

    Make sure to enable visibility check, supreme is stream proof just use game capture option in stream labs or OBS system ❤️
  4. Not at the moment sir, but we are working on something very soon for you guys ❤️
  5. Really happy to hear you love our products better then others ❤️ When it comes to driver issue sometimes it will fail to map due to security and just few try more should fix it up ?
  6. Frost

    CW Loader

    Please come to live chat support so we can help you increase virtual memory and fix this issue ❤️
  7. We are really working on it hard to make sure you guys stay undetected that's why all the changes are happening ❤️ I do apologize for some things not being to your linking and I promise you we will continue to deliver and update them every day we just need to put safety first and we hope you guys can understand that ❤️
  8. Frost

    Apex Quantum

    Really glad you like it! I always have a blast with it ❤️
  9. Frost

    Great stuff

    Yes sir use F12 in game or use adjusters in loader prior to running the game ❤️
  10. Yep we ware ready in an hour ❤️
  11. Apex is a Free To Play fast paced Battle Royal game! 

    By far my favorite game to play and have fun in ❤️ 

    - Quantum is the hack I've been using lately and I'm having a blast! 

    From aimbot prediction to make them wingman headshot POP! 

    To Near bone hit aimbot so even people spectating you will not see anything out of ordinary 

    30+ adjustable ESP with different GLOW effects 

    To amazing skeleton and Bones ESP to make it
    stream proof! 

    You really can't go wrong with Apex Quantum! 

    Oh and yes it has
    HWID spoofer so you can keep on going ? 

    Buy yours now starting at only



  12. Happy you having fun ❤️ 1. Only when and if you ever get banned ? 2. You can use multiple monitors with Premium just fine ?
  13. Frost


    Really happy to hear you are having great time with us ❤️ Please use our live chat support they are online 24/7 specially to help users like you ❤️
  14. Frost

    Cold War Thor

    Back and kicking!! ❤️
  15. They do use the same software so I guess it was manual ban, all tho 6 months is a good run ❤️
  16. Make sure you are using Supreme if this is for COD as some hacks are not stream safe (if they are it will be mentioned in store page) Glad you are having fun tho! ❤️
  17. Frost

    Csgo faceit

    We do have it actually just not for public buy, you can ask support members to get you a ticket with me and we can provide it privately ❤️
  18. Frost


    We might add that later on sir ❤️ But I'm glad you are having fun with us ?
  19. Software is HWID linked, so oyu need to inject software first then spoofer so it will not mess with the serial checker after that is done start up the game and you are good to go ❤️
  20. Happy to hear you are so happy but also sad for the ban you got ❤️ We always do our best to make sure all of you guys are as safe as possible so we will get that back up for you even stronger now ?
  21. Thank you for the review, usually crashes relate to 2 things 1) Overpowered VRAM memory *reducing game details should help with this) 2) Virtualization memory not being high enough (increasing virtual memory will help with this ) <3
  22. Really glad to see turn arounds like this, so many times users get upset and leave before we get a chance to show them what we are all about here ❤️ I'm glad you decided to stick around and give our support a shot we are online 24/7 always to help our users ?
  23. Stories like this really mean a lot to us here at Battlelog ❤️
  24. Frost

    Valorant Ibis

    Thank you sir, this update is a bit longer then usual as they changed FOG OF WAR update so its taking a while all your time is paused and we will credit it all back for you the second we get it up again
  25. We always update our software in matter of hours so you are all good to have fun ❤️