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  1. Frost

    E MW Status

    Happy to hear about your experience it would be as you are suing outdated loader please download new one ❤️
  2. Frost

    Exclusive warzone

    Come to live chat support we will help you fix this ❤️
  3. Frost

    COD MW Supreme

    Thank you for your time and effort in writing this ❤️ 1. Its external overlay software (only way to make it stream proof) but also cant make it work on multiple monitors due to this 2. Will look into this point and see what can be done ❤️ 3. Its overlay hack so its set as its external overlay not internal code ? 4. Yes you are right Internals are much more accurate while external is stream proof 5. We are working with developer and at the same time we are in the middle of creating stream proof software for better price ❤️
  4. Hey bud ❤️ To change V2 selections mid game do next; While in game press ESC to pause the game and take control of the mouse then press INS button on keyboard to bring out the menu and use mouse to adjust anything ? Tab in and out could mess with hack here and there sorry about that ❤️
  5. We will see what we can do to fix this issues for you sir ❤️
  6. Frost

    Rust colt

    So happy to hear this! Cheat has trace files removal tool + HWID spoofer + most advanced menu in the market and we will do all we can to keep it as safe as possible for all of you ❤️
  7. Frost

    WZ Exclusive

    Not at the moment sir we might look into making another stream proof hack with same price range as Exclusive in near future ❤️
  8. Frost

    Valorant Sup

    Fog Of War had an update so we are doing full updated its usually fixed in less then 12 hours but this time we need more time as its a big one, all time is credited once software goes back online as always ❤️
  9. They updated the way Fog Of War works so we need more then usual 12 hours to fix this all up bud, but all time as always will be compensated ❤️
  10. Frost

    Exclusive v2

    Yes sir we can do this for you ❤️
  11. Frost

    Love u guys

    Thank you for your trust and support ❤️
  12. Frost

    Valorant Supreme

    Really happy you enjoy it ❤️ We usually get it up in less then 12 hours max 24 and all time will be credited back ?
  13. V2 is the main loader now and no-recoil is on it ❤️
  14. Frost


    Leviathan and Exclusive are both exceptional programs you can have fun with ❤️
  15. Supreme is stream safe if you wish to use it for stream and yes no-recoil is safe ❤️
  16. We did not have any other crash reports sir please visit our chat support let us try and help solve this ❤️
  17. We always have a way out for you guys please try to check this out: And on that note shadow bans go away after 4-14 days and you can play again COD and have as much fun as you had before ❤️
  18. Sorry to hear this bud ❤️ 5 months is a hell of a run! Software was not detected so it could be manual ban by game admins ? Come to chat we will take your key and pause your time till you sort this out and then resume your time when you are back up and running. We want what's the best for our customers ?
  19. Turn off prediction FOV on 10 and smooth on max should look much better then ❤️
  20. We will look into this issue for you ❤️
  21. Will be back in 2-3 days tops ❤️
  22. Frost

    wz exclusive

    We are testing its safety should be back shortly ❤️
  23. Happy to hear this ❤️ Thor has some but we need to give some time to developer to attend personal business but will be back soon ❤️
  24. 2D Box 2DBox Bone Bone Distance Distance Nicknames Nicknames HealthBar HP Bar Boomb grenade warning Item item esp targeted alert Alert if someone aiming at you Angle Range enemy warning EnemyWeapon EnemyWeapon RadarSetting RadarSetting Friendly Friendly NoFaint is not aim at downed player invisible free is vischeck aimsmooth is smoothrate for aimbot
  25. I had to remove your attachment as it had your key written there ❤️ Rust cold errors it throws it just indicates that there is no trace files to be wiped after that you can start the game and play, remember if you had previous ban change your IP as well ❤️