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  1. So far we had 0 issues with COD hacks ❤️
  2. Frost

    Warzone Prem

    I never use aimbots in my COD videos I do have 14.000+ hours on FPS so sometimes aimbot just takes off my snap shots hehe I did mess around with it a bit and used 13 FOV with 25 smooth and it was good to look legit ❤️
  3. Stable place for now but something we will look into later on ❤️
  4. V2 and v2 are still safe ❤️
  5. Frost

    honest review

    Thank for your review ❤️ 1. Saving settings is risk factor and we want you guys to be as safe as possible ? 2. WIll work on this ❤️ 3. will check it out 4. will check it out all tho not high priority ❤️
  6. Yes our EFT Leviathan has the most secure code in place to make sure you are as safe as you can possibly be with ETF hacks ❤️
  7. We will put it back on shortly ❤️
  8. Frost

    EFT Leviathan

    All downtime was compensated the moment we got it back up ❤️
  9. Hey bud! Yes V2 is fully operational now and under our page on downloads, there are some different options on there check it if you want ❤️
  10. Frost

    COD exclusive

    We are re-working it now to see how to make it safer ❤️
  11. Glad to hear you having fun ❤️ Valorant you can keep Vanguard its ok ? Come to chat support for we do offer codes for discount to users who purchased many things from us ?
  12. Frost


    I would always recommend you checking the guide on how not to be banned like here:
  13. If using supreme *stream safe one) just select to record your gameplay not the full screen ❤️
  14. Frost

    Ark Cheats

    We are looking into potentially developing this all tho not 100% sure yet ❤️ I would stay safe when coming to getting hacks outside legit page like us and if you do decide to do this please just take small sub a lot of people scam for money and I would hate you guys having such experience ?
  15. Supreme is external hack not as exclusive *internal) so it will not be as smooth try 24h key and see how you like it before you commit to long term, Thor dev is working some things out and I hope we can have his support more soon to get more of his products up and help him grow with us ❤️ No ETA on releases but we always do our best to bring this things to you guys ASAP without compromising your safety ?
  16. We do not have public open discord server but we do have private chat area for our VIP package members, you can grab your offer here: <3
  17. Really excited to get you guys this guide and a solution on how to get off COD bans ether shadow or HWID ban in matter of minutes. 

    - No more windows re-install 
    - No more hours of waiting and guides
    - No more struggle 

    5 Steps and Super Spoofer is all it takes now to get off and play again! 

    Make sure to check it out here:


  18. Really happy to read such turn around, some users do tend to leave without us helping them get back, glad you stayed around for us to show you we can get you back in ❤️ In next 2-5 days we should have something amazing that can wipe your shadow ban + HWID ban in few seconds and get you back in even faster ?
  19. Inverted code is different and unfortunately no we would have to re-code everything sorry ?
  20. Frost

    Rust Colt

    Really happy to read all this ❤️ Rust colt should be in testing stages today and tomorrow and ready no later then after tomorrow ❤️
  21. Frost

    warzone premium

    Really happy to hear this bud ❤️ Unlock all was a risk for us we wanted to give you guys as enjoyment but its such a high risk even if not used (so putting in danger people who will not even use it) We just can't risk it as we wanna make sure you guys always feel safe with us ❤️
  22. If you are using controller you will need re-mapping software (find how to set it up on forum under guides) ❤️
  23. Back online now sir! Go have some fun!! ❤️
  24. Really happy to show you all our new Guide! 

    For all of you stuck on 2-setp verification we now have a way to avoid 2-Step SMS verification