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  1. 100% we are working on bringing much more things for you guys, as the software is fairly new we know lack of features is there but as we develop more on it I'm sure you guys will like it even more ❤️ 

  2. We will add much more options and stability, as it is brand new product we know things can be a bit basic, but I'm very happy to hear you enjoy our service and product ❤️ 

  3. Glad you are enjoying our software ❤️ 

    I'm master rank last 2 season I use super legit settings for aimbot when I do use it (Apex Quantum 20-25 FOV with 30-35 Smooth) 

    Deluxe use only soft aim with small FOV and high smooth, also make sure to change your IP / use spoofer and re-install to remove that trace files off! 

    Hope you have loads of fun 🙂