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  1. Disable prediction get FOV to super small size and Smooth to 10, soon we will bring smooth to 20 ❤️
  2. Glad you like it, we will get many more keys soon for you guys, for longer keys not yet due to safety ❤️
  3. Thank for the review ❤️ If we ware to set pause on time when hack not being use price of the 24h would be much much higher then it is now ?
  4. Frost

    MW Exclusive

    Thank you for your trust and support ❤️ Battlelog is here for you guys because you are the one that make us grow and gives us ability to continue our work ? - The snap thing we are looking into it but it happens because of the no-recoil option this we are aware of and we will do all we can to fix this for you ?
  5. Thank you for your suggestions! Hope this will help some users ❤️
  6. We are continuing the work for it and all users who had exclusive and still can't get out of the crashes we will offer free transfer to Leviathan at 0 additional charges ❤️
  7. Frost

    EFT Overload

    Should be back online today ❤️ and your feedback for Leviathan was received and we will work on it ?
  8. There is visibility check, just make sure that is not ticked and it will work ❤️
  9. We have Leviathan now as well, very similar to Exclusive if you wish hop on that see how that works for you ❤️
  10. Frost

    WZ Leviathan

    We shall integrate more smooth adjusters for you guys ❤️
  11. Leviathan has the most advanced aimbot in the market, it is not stream proof but it will make you hit sniper shots from far away ❤️
  12. As you all know we always try to deliver you all with the best products in the market! 

    I'm super excited that now we offer Cold War Supreme at one of the lowest prices as well! 

    Top that off with 24/7 live chat support and the best developers and you can't go wrong ❤️ 

    New Prices: 

    24 Hours access now only 9$
    7 Days access now only 35$
    30 Days access now only 69$

    Buy yours now here:



  13. Frost

    CW Thor

    We did not changes sir, maybe try to re-install game files see if that helps or reduce some details to help preserve some FPS ❤️
  14. Come to live chat support send us the photo of your crash report and tell us how often it happens with full PC specifications so we can help you guys better ❤️
  15. Frost

    WZ Exclusive

    Love the review ❤️ And just so you know we keep on working on it and we will not give in until 0 crashes happen ?
  16. Frost

    mw exclusive

    We will work on the aimbot issues and crashes should be solved for some users soon, only 1% of you are crashing now ?❤️
  17. Happens to only 1% of the users try lowering DPI on your mouse and in-game sensitivity think this will help but we will look into this for you as well ❤️
  18. Frost

    COLD WAR Thor

    Thanks! ❤️ unlock all is super risky and we care about you guys to much to have this up on the hack ?
  19. Due to safety reasons we are keeping it 24h access for now, we are looking into making 7 days and 30 days access down the line but safety first as always so we are taking it step by step ❤️
  20. Frost

    MW/ Exclusive

    It is not stream proof right now sir but we have some plans in the future for it ❤️
  21. Frost

    Escape From Tarkov

    I had to edit out your Discord, I'm sorry but is to protect you against people who come here to be rude and abusive ❤️
  22. Overload is coming back in next 2-3 hours with reduced price for you guys ❤️ ?
  23. Frost

    EFT Overload

    Waiting for developer to wake up after new years celebration so we can get more keys for all of you ?❤️
  24. Happy New Year!

    2020 has been something else, for all of us.

    In the world of bad, we hope you found something good.

    To end this year right we would love to offer all of our loyal customers a 20% discount code.


    Few things to keep in mind while using this code:

    1) Only enter it on the website when you are 100% sure this is what you want as it will work only 1 time so enter it right

    2) Code is valid for the next 48 hours if you just got a new key not to worry key time only starts when entered in loader for the first time! So grab yours now and save it for later.  

    We wish you all a
    Happy New Year! and let 2021 be the best year yet for all of you!

    Thank you for your trust and loyalty.

    - Battlelog Team

  25. Frost

    WZ Exclusive

    Thanks ❤️ It is not stream proof at the moment ?