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  1. Frost


    I'm happy you love our services and thank you for review ?
  2. Thank you for your feedback, we are always happy to help you out ?
  3. Frost

    Rust Hacks

    Thank you on advice for new players, stay safe and hack on!! ?
  4. Thank you for review ? hope all is going well with your experience
  5. Helloooo Thereeee ?

    1. Amaia
    2. Frost


      ❤️ ? Stalking Stalking ?

  6. Always happy to help you out, take care and enjoy your hack ?
  7. MW hacks are back online and working. I’ve tested it for an hour so please take care use smurf account for next few hours if you wanna be 100% safe ?

    1. Frost


      MW Premium* Sorry for confusion 

  8. Frost

    Modern Warfare

    Best hacks in the market! Adjustable AimBot, from FOV to smoothness and tracking. Wall hacks are insane! You get bone scan, distance adjustment up to 1000 meters away, for WarZone you get item information as well, all you want from equipment, health items, guns, ammo, buy stations etc.. support on this page will go over and beyond to support you, help you and guide you. Your feedback, questions and concerns are always welcomed and well taken. The only hacking page I was ever part of that cares and if that alone is not enough to convince you, nothing will!
  9. I have extended experience with usage of MW, Apex, SuperSpoofer,Regnant Spoofer and basic knowledge of OW hacks, need anything? let me know ?

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    2. Frost


      Add me on Discord Frost13#2549

    3. Kry


      Hey frost i added you on discord

    4. Frost


      Alright, I’ll help you out ?

  10. Frost

    No ban settings

    130+ hours no ban Predator rank, 7.8 KD , 20 kill and 4k badge on 6 characters. FOV 22-27 Smooth 85-95 distance 100 Assign aim button to something you don't use like side mouse button. Don't use recoil control!! (very important) Wall Hack is easy just lave it at 1000 do health and shield bar and use 2D box, don't forget enable. Use spoofer if you had ban before and contact me if you need any help. This is no grantee you won't get ban. I'm very careful and i play very well. Over 1100 hours in game. Your movement is important to look legit and avoid reports from spectators. Don't push rank so much play casual and if you see someone watching be as legit as possible. If you wanna go all in do so on small account you don't care about.
  11. If guys at battlelog are busy and you just need some guidance on hacks contact me maybe I can help out ?

    1. MMMMAX


      i don't know which doucment i need to download, i have payed it for APEX cheat, but i can't find that

    2. Frost


      Press download section from menu. After that select Regnant private loader and download that. After that is done open apex guide and fallow all the steps provided carefully as you could get ban if you skip one step. If you need more help or get stuck send me private message and I’ll add you to discord.

  12. If you guys need any help please message me and I’ll support as much as I can ?

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    2. bamboozeld


      same as yours but my character aimbot never works? doesnt snap on people i have to manually aim. can you tell me your discord for help?

    3. Frost



    4. bamboozeld
  13. Bellow is the setup I use for Overwatch hacks, hope it helps you out ?

    aim fov set to 0.030

    trigfer fov set to 0.030

    localplayer Y set to 1.000

    aim smooth set to 0.080

    enable prediction ( useful in higher rank )

    prediction speed set to 3.252

    Aim Key set whatever suites you ?

  14. Frost

    Overwatch hacks

    Spot on hacks! Easy to use and start up. You will love it, ESP is beautiful design and aimbot with bellow settings will give you 59-69% accuracy witch is master level aim, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Admins and creators thank you for all you guys do!! Keep up the great work, can’t wait to be with you for many years and see how you develop this page to something even greater then it already is. I’ve spend 30 minutes and 12 games adjusting settings and bellow I’ll give you my recommendation for settings that will look legit and make your aim OP!! aim fov set to 0.030 trigfer fov set to 0.030 localplayer Y set to 1.000 aim smooth set to 0.080 enable prediction ( useful in higher rank ) prediction speed set to 3.252 Aim Key set whatever suites you ?
  15. Apex hack is amazing and I’ve been using it for 2 months! I did review on this already and I still stand by my word when I say it’s the best out there ? here is my settings and if you use it it will help you not being reported so many titles and avoid ban! Put POV on 22-27 put smoothens on 90-95 Chose chest as where the aimbot should aim at and set it as different key, don’t use Left or right button as activation key, this will make it very obvious. I set my jump key to side mouse button and have my aimbot activator as Space Bar. This way I can always go away from snapping on target while playin but even if I use it I can easily mask it and no one can notice it ?
  16. New HWID is insane! Got back online in 3 days after biggest update in years from EAC!! 

  17. Frost


    Hello there ? I know a little bit about spoofers and I use 3 different ones. Bellow I will tell you exactly why you should get Battlelog spoofer right now! 4-5 days back there was a huge EAC update they brought every spoofer in the world offline. battlelog got theirs up and running just after 3 days! While others even after a week are offline. And not only did they got it online, they made it better, more secure and more reliable. If you want the best of the best this is where you go and this is where you stay! Thank you Battlelog team for all you do for us! ❤️?
  18. 1 month in with this page. I can’t wait to buy another subscription. Trust and honesty is what this page is all about. If you have doubts, put them away they are the best out there!! ?

  19. Recommended settings for Apex legends so you never look like hacker!!

    POV on 20-35

    Smoothness on 87-95

    Distance on 100-125

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    2. Frost


      What’s the version of the hack you got? 

    3. HugeDeuce


      I got apex delta. 3 accounts banned within 6 hours. the 3rd account I even turned aimbot off and just used ESP. it's definitely detected it seems

    4. Frost


      Add me in discord, there could be different reasons behind this. There is something called HWID ban so I would have to talk to you to understand what went wrong. Frosts13#2549

  20. Apex legends hacks are spot on! New fix make it look smooth and legit! ?

  21. If you are here!! Helllooooo ?

  22. Hi there! like you I’ve spend countless hours looking for good cheat. This is by far the best! process is straightforward, easy and hack is amazing. You can adjust how snappy Aimbot is, you can adjust how far Aimbot works, what button triggers Aimbot, in witch part of the screen Aimbot will react. Wallhack? You can do 2D box with shield and health on side so not only do you see enemy you know when they are low, so you can plan your attack when to push and when to stay back. You’d they are above market lvl but if you care for your account in long run get this!! They will answer all your questions, they will support you in 2-3 hours at times even with stupid questions that I had a lot hehehe... I’m just a guy who works a lot and can’t keep up and I hate loosing over and over again this will give you that boost, that top that you need to be one of the best in the world without compromising your life and spending 8-12 hours a day playing. Thank you to the whole team of bafflelog for this.