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  1. Try reducing game details to save some GPU usage might help ❤️ We are glad you are enjoying our software 🙂
  2. Snowball

    Warzone leviathan

    Thank you for your review, we appreciate the time and effort and are glad to hear you are having fun ❤️
  3. Snowball

    unlock all doors

    We had to remove it for now due to security concern we had sorry we just want to protect you guys ❤️
  4. Thank you for your review, we are glad you like it we will work on fixes ASAP ❤️
  5. Snowball

    EFT Leviathan

    Will be fixed asap ❤️
  6. Thank you for using our services, we are happy to have you here ❤️
  7. Snowball

    Faze Spoofer

    Thank you for your review, maybe clean windows install will sort the rest out ❤️
  8. Snowball

    Cold War

    We will see what we can do for you ❤️ Thank you for the review 🙂
  9. Snowball


    Thank you for taking the time and the effort in writing a review for us I really appreciate this ❤️ Hope to see you wish us for many many more months 🙂
  10. We are actually actively working on bringing full controller support for exclusive as of now ❤️ Premium 1.0 will stay retired for now due to some things happening with developer and we will consider bringing it back when all is settled ❤️ 🙂
  11. Snowball

    Ole Timer

    Thank you for detailed review I really appreciate you being with us and always happy to see customers like this after so long time being and supporting us ❤️
  12. Thank you for your reply I'm glad you are enjoying our software and have fun ❤️
  13. Snowball

    Apex Quan

    No ETA as we need to re-code the whole loader I'm sorry ❤️
  14. We will be ready for whatever they bring ❤️
  15. Snowball

    EFT Leviathan

    F5 is to activate aimbot sir you can use arrow keys to adjust all other settings ❤️