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Status Updates posted by Frost

  1. We are here to help, don't ever feel scared to talk to us.

    we are not like others... we are here for you ❤️

    1. danielkow1


      you are awesome

  2. MW Supreme is back online ?

  3. Helloooo Thereeee ?

    1. Amaia
    2. Frost


      ❤️ ? Stalking Stalking ?

  4. MW hacks are back online and working. I’ve tested it for an hour so please take care use smurf account for next few hours if you wanna be 100% safe ?

    1. Frost


      MW Premium* Sorry for confusion 

  5. I have extended experience with usage of MW, Apex, SuperSpoofer,Regnant Spoofer and basic knowledge of OW hacks, need anything? let me know ?

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    2. Frost


      Add me on Discord Frost13#2549

    3. Kry


      Hey frost i added you on discord

    4. Frost


      Alright, I’ll help you out ?

  6. If guys at battlelog are busy and you just need some guidance on hacks contact me maybe I can help out ?

    1. MMMMAX


      i don't know which doucment i need to download, i have payed it for APEX cheat, but i can't find that

    2. Frost


      Press download section from menu. After that select Regnant private loader and download that. After that is done open apex guide and fallow all the steps provided carefully as you could get ban if you skip one step. If you need more help or get stuck send me private message and I’ll add you to discord.

  7. If you guys need any help please message me and I’ll support as much as I can ?

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    2. bamboozeld


      same as yours but my character aimbot never works? doesnt snap on people i have to manually aim. can you tell me your discord for help?

    3. Frost



    4. bamboozeld
  8. Bellow is the setup I use for Overwatch hacks, hope it helps you out ?

    aim fov set to 0.030

    trigfer fov set to 0.030

    localplayer Y set to 1.000

    aim smooth set to 0.080

    enable prediction ( useful in higher rank )

    prediction speed set to 3.252

    Aim Key set whatever suites you ?

  9. New HWID is insane! Got back online in 3 days after biggest update in years from EAC!! 

  10. 1 month in with this page. I can’t wait to buy another subscription. Trust and honesty is what this page is all about. If you have doubts, put them away they are the best out there!! ?

  11. Recommended settings for Apex legends so you never look like hacker!!

    POV on 20-35

    Smoothness on 87-95

    Distance on 100-125

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    2. Frost


      What’s the version of the hack you got? 

    3. HugeDeuce


      I got apex delta. 3 accounts banned within 6 hours. the 3rd account I even turned aimbot off and just used ESP. it's definitely detected it seems

    4. Frost


      Add me in discord, there could be different reasons behind this. There is something called HWID ban so I would have to talk to you to understand what went wrong. Frosts13#2549

  12. Apex legends hacks are spot on! New fix make it look smooth and legit! ?

  13. If you are here!! Helllooooo ?