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    BF2042 Review

    I just wanted to post my review about the BF2042 hack. The hack works great. There are a few things that need improvement like the aimbot am not sure what the best settings are right now for aimbot but it works ok it sometimes aims at feet and when the enemy is crouching it aims above the head and missies shoots. I know that the hack is vary new and the game is going to have a lot of updates so I understand the hack is still being work on so am not worried about what's coming for the hack later down the road am sure the staff at Battlelog has plans for the hack so am looking forward to that I CAN'T WAIT :). The ESP works great with out any problems does what it need to do. Most of the time i us only ESP and it does the job just right. Loving the hack Keep up the great work Battlelog looking forward to coming updates. Aimbot - 6/10 ESP 9/10