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  1. Hi Fam, i have been using your products since season 2 of MW1, I have been running original account since and have been successful by being super cautious and being very careful with the instructions on injecting etc. since the new MW2 has dropped i am eager to get playing, I only use ESP due to my hearing disability and im still a BOT lol. I know i have asked this question prior  but i want to ask once more because i noticed something different between the first preparation steps between MW1 VIP quantum and MW2 Quantum. Just to reassure, my pc is currently setup to run VIP quantum, i want to purchase MW2 quantum, is there any additional steps or files i will need to install or can i just simply download new MW2 loader? I am deaf and a little computer illiterate as i did have the install service done by you guys so im afraid if there's any additional preparation steps i might mess somthing up. you guys are always great to work with, and a blessing. thanks in advance.. 

  2. you guys are the best . appreciate the help though chat. i was able to figure out my issue with mw2 but unable to get my ESP to work in  WZ Vip quantum. we were unsuccessful at figuring out but all good....


  3. First and foremost you guys are the best group of talented people. you made it possible for a person with 100% hearing disability to somewhat enjoy playing COD. I do have a quick question which i asked in chat but i don't think they understood my question, I currently have and still using wz VIP Quantum with no issue. i want to purchase MW2 deluxe as well, since a lot of my preparation steps are already done prior from the VIP quantum. is it just a matter of installing MW2 loader and change the discord settings ? thanks 

  4. I have been using BL for WZ for a over a year now, I have 100% hearing loss in both ears and with the programs they develop make it possible for someone like me and others with hearing disabilites to actually play this game. i just want to say thank you to you guys and wish you all a happy and safe holiday!!

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  5. Huge thanks to Chad, i was having some issues with getting my setup to work right but Chad was able to get me up and going and haven't had a single issue yet... the setup service is so worth it, easy and fast.. im excited to finally start playing again. a million thanks!!!!!

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  6. I had an issue gettting my spoofer to work, but Ryan went above and beyond to make sure i got to where i needed to be, plus i learned a ton in the process. Couldnt ask for a better team mate to have on this awesome team. BL loyal customer for life!!!!

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  7. Any luck with the trace cleaner for COD, im excited to see exclusive is back. Thanks for your hard work BL team, your talent and hard work has made it possible for guys like myself with hearing disability to enjoy these games, you guys are the best out. much love and respect!!!!

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  8. Hey Guys, been a memeber of the BL fam for about 4 months now and loving the wz exclusive. i ONLY use esp due only having 20% hearing in my left ear only. you guys have made this possible for me and a few of my friends to play this game and actually enjoy it. I did want to look into streaming with supreme. Does supreme work just like exclusive? do i use the same loader for supreme like exclusive? thanks guys

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  9. hey guys once again i have nothing but great things to say about this company. I only play COD WZ and only use the radar and esp. I was interested in the premium but it states you need an intel cpu. i have an amd cpu, will premium not work with amd? also im interested in taking an extra step of being safe, i wanted to purchase the 30 ghost spoofer. Is this pretty easy to set up? keep up the great work guys, thanks

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  10. Im new here and only tried the 7 day exlusive for WZ and im very glad i decided to try it. you guys earned a lifetime customer. Best there is plain and simple. I will be purchasing again for sure. thanks

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