• Servers

    The servers for our hacks are located in the US-MIDWEST region for North American customers - This gives an excellent connection from the west coast and east coast. 
    In Europe, we have a server located in Switzerland, we chose Switzerland because of its safety and central location. 
    In the Asian region, we chose to get a server in Singapore because of its location primarily and because of the quality offered there.

    Our servers work in a way where when you launch your client, it checks HWID, IP, and then if it accepts these data, it will start checking your key, and if the key is accepted, you will be able to access the hacks.
    This happens by it starts sending you the latest version of the cheat (auto-updating) and then it will inject this into the kernel. 

    Afterwards, you will be able to start up the game and press the button required to open up the menu, which is usually f10 or end depending on the product. Our servers are encrypted and very safe, we strive to provide the most reliable solution on the market, and we look forward to having you as a customer.

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