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Valo BETA Account (EU Region)

Valo: Beta Access Account EU
• Region: EU
• Includes: Email access, account access and twitch access. 
Note: Game accounts can not be paid via PayPal. When you purchase game accounts, PayPal will not be available upon checkout.

About Valo BETA Account (EU Region)

Valo: Beta Access Account EU
Region: EU
Includes: Email access, account access and twitch access. 

Note: Game accounts can not be paid via PayPal. When you purchase game accounts, PayPal will not be available upon checkout.

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    • For these 3 supreme has been what I have used often as it's easy to see up and use. The aim bit can glitch at times and pull to a random spot which can make things bad if you are spectated the esp is good but also buffy at times. Overall good. Premium is also not hard to set up and the menu and hacks are by far the most legit looking the aimbot feels more like a strong aim assist and the esp options and screen counter are amazing. But I kept getting a direct x error when using premium that would freeze my game and boot me. The longer I player the more frequently it happened. I tried everything I found online to fix and eventually the dev error changed to. Something else so I didn't finish the 7 days only because of that, if I can fix this error this would be my 30day go to. Exclusive I used for 24hr to try out and it seemed like a happy in between from premium and supreme the aim bot is good with no random lock on I didn't understand the aim speed and had halfway not sure where it should be for a more legit look admins if you can assist on this please. The esp however is a bit much. I like to see the bones names and distance only the box and health bar get to cluttered if they can make where we can choose each item and turn health and the box off this would be close to premium level for me and no direct x error either win win for me. Overall great product's with each having it's issues on my end but I just finish supreme 30days and opted for exclusive 31days
    • Bought the 24hrs just to test it out and voila! It's just Magic! Will most probably be buying again! Customer service is also outstanding, especially Roy!
    • Super smooth cheats! The short answer is that I will not hesitate to recommend this to you 🙂 However, just be aware that since Activision is updating their game every 12 seconds it seems like, there will be a bit of down time with the hacks. Try not to get too frustrated tho as they are very good about compensating the down time. My 1-month subscription should have ended on Sept.18 but has been extended until Sept.28 with their compensation. So I really respect this for the money we are paying~ A big thanks to the team and their hardwork. I got many Warzone wins because of you!
    • The cheat is great, but only miss some itens on ESP and sometimes the itens ESP doenst work ( reserve MAP ). But all the other features are working perfectly.
    • So usually I don’t review things but this I feel like I should. I have used the supreme cheat for a week and the exclusive for a few hours so far. Between the 2 I would recommend the exclusive because not only is the aimbot better because it leads your shots and predicts them but the esp is less laggy. I also feel like the game runs a lot smoother on my pc. I only have an i5 4690k and with the supreme I feel like I’m constantly getting lag spikes and Losing a lot of gunfights. I don’t seem to have this problem with the exclusive. I definitely plan on buying a month when The new season comes out but before then I’m also gonna test premium and classified.
    • This is the BEST support staff i have ever talk too!.  They go above and beyond to help you and they get the job done. shout out to Chad jones! he was the one who helped me.
    • Thank you for this review ❤️  Please check this guide on how to make aimbot work on controller as well 🙂     
    • 5 stars!!!!! it was simple and easy, wish i can use aimbot with my xbox controller, im not good with keyboard and mouse but 5 stars
    • I don't know who i talked too, his name was just moderator. But that man is precious. He stayed up late with me and helped me sort out everything and i cound't be more happier. Thanks you guys 
    • Thank for you this review, we are always looking to improve cheats for you guys! Supreme is stream safe so if you wish to record and not see hacks try out supreme I think you will like it 🙂 
    • Thank you for your review 🙃❤️ When using Ghost spoofer for Valorant it will kick in after rest and continue to change Everything you need every 2 resets of PC, if you use EAC/BE software will show you before and after serial numbers if they are different from each other then it worked fine 🙃
    • Thank you for your review, and to answer your question, yes. Exclusive is not stream safe like supreme so everyone would see that 🙂 if you wish to stream or record your gameplays without hacks showing please use Supreme 🙃
    • I've been using the Classified option for about 2 weeks now and for the most part the cheats work very well. There are still issues with ESP boxes displaying after killing someone and if you toggle on these empty boxes your PC will crash. The boxes however are consistent and display well. The aimbot feature works well and can be made to look extremely realistic. The only thing I would like to see added is a way to safely stream/record while using the cheats. Nothing I've tried works so far. Overall a 8/10 experience.  
    • So far I’ve tried all of the cheats. Cod premium is by far the best to use, secondary would be cod exclusive, then cod supreme then classified. However if you’re a streamer and running obs and a single pc setup I’ve noticed with cod supreme you can run the hacks and leave esp/fov/mini map etc all active and for whatever reason it doesn’t show up on your obs and stream. So when I’m streaming I run cod supreme when I’m not streaming I run cod exclusive. Hope this helps but hands down best hacks around 
    • Great Program! Easy to seem legit, all I will say is I wish I knew if the spoofer was working or not, I bought the Ghost Spoofer and have no clue if I am safe or not. I followed the directions so I am assuming I am good! Would love to get some feedback! Let me know if I should do anything different for the spoofer!
    • Tried the 24hr and then got the 7 days. Easy to setup and works perfectly! I do have a question though. When using ESP (which is the only thing I use), both when I'm using Nvidia to record my own game and also once when I got play of the game. I could see all the boxes/skeletons and freaked out a bit. Is that only on my screen or does everyone see that??
    • Best hack for Warzone out there. I have used this many of times and still am hooked. The setup process isn't hard at all and you could be ready to play in less than 10 minutes. You may experience crashes here or there but that means your doing something wrong but overall I give this cheat 10/10!
    • I have used the exclusive cheat for 24 hours and the supreme cheat for about 12 so far.    The exclusive hack I could not recommend enough, it works absolutely perfect.  The supreme aimbot seems to work only half the time, the esp is laggy and it doesn't always light up when the enemy is actually shootable. Also exclusive predicts how you should lead your shots.   Overall I would thoroughly recommend exclusive over supreme