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    • I will put request forward for you and see if we can get some keys for you ❤️ 
    • hi i am big fan of this's team i've been use a lots of things about r6 game, but nothing can even better in here's product.. especially the r6 premium product is Great!! but i haven't been able to use the product since almost a few months ago because the store's product stock status is always in Out Of Stock.. so i just doing wait.. and wait... but wait a months.. it doest not change to purchase status.. really sad about that.. also i knew something about this product's stock status. that is, "when the discount coupon event starts or start some discount event in store, the r6 premium product is been disable to purchase.." think that happens almost of the times.. i really want to purchase the product but every support said, "it will be can able in next week" nor "will can be purchase soon"... this is really sad.. i mean, really really sad tho..   add) sorry for the upload on wrong topic also my bad english tho
    • I started with the warzone premium for 7 days. This hack worked amazing and was super customizable. The only issue I had was while shooting at someone a few times a day it would randomly SNAP either straight up into the sky or down at my feet. I’m not sure why it would do this, there was no one there. This would happen maybe once every three to four games, I tried messing with the settings but idk. Either way I truly enjoy this hack and repurchased a months worth after using it for the 7 days. I’m going to mess around with the settings and see if I can get it to stop doing the random snapping.
    • Hello,   First off, thank you for the amazing hack. But recently I have run into an issue, the game randomly crashed as well as the aimbot tends to flip me 180degrees when I aim to a target.  I know your support is amazing so I wanted to let you know. Thanks!
    • (Englisch) Hey everybody,  I have now again tested the Apex Legends Hack by Leviathan and must say that he is quite good.  At first I was rather suspicious because the menu is and was a bit flawed.  But the features in it are very safe as I have found.  The menu itself might look a bit more beautiful and professional but I think that would be a bit of a bitch on a high level.  The AimBot works very well!  The only thing that bothers me a bit is the AimBot detection that, when I want to target an opponent, the AimBot sometimes attacks someone from a further distance and thus does not target the opponents in front of you.  Otherwise you can use the AimBot, without which you get caught, you will have an AimBot.  I’ve been playing for several days without being banned.  I have played many rounds in the leaderboards and have not been banned yet.  The ESP of the items and ammunition also works very well. My conclusion: The hack of Leviathan is top!  But expandable I have now bought the hack for 30 days to support the programmer and! For someone who doesn’t want to spend more this hack is enough. With best regards CaLaVeRaXGER☺️ (Deutsch) Hey zusammen, Ich habe jetzt nochmal den Apex Legends Hack von Leviathan getestet und muss sagen das er doch ganz gut ist. Anfangs war ich eher misstrauisch da das Menü etwas Fehlerhaft ist und war. Aber die Funktionen darin sind sehr sicher wie ich festgestellt habe. Das Menü selber könnte zwar etwas schöner und Professioneller aussehen aber ich denke, das wäre Meckern auf hohen Niveau. Der AimBot funktioniert sehr gut! Das einzige, was mich etwas stört, ist die AimBot Erfassung den, wenn ich einen Gegner anvisieren möchte, greift der AimBot manchmal jemand aus einer weiteren Entfernung auf und visiert somit nicht den vor dir stehenden Gegnern. Ansonsten kann man den AimBot Nutzen, ohne das man erwischt, wird das man einen AimBot hat. Ich spiele schon seit mehren Tagen, ohne das ich gebannt wurde. Ich habe viele runden in Ranglisten gespielt und wurde noch nicht gebannt. Das ESP der Items und Munition funktioniert ebenfalls sehr gut. Mein Fazit: Der Hack von Leviathan ist top! Aber ausbaufähig Ich habe mir den Hack nun auch für 30 Tage gekauft um den Programmierer und zu unterstützen! Für jemand der nicht mehr ausgeben will reicht dieser Hack völlig. Mit besten grüßen CaLaVeRaXGER☺️
    • Quite frankly I haven't had a chance to use the hacks as of this moment, but what I'd like to review is the sheer dedication and patience and resilience of the group of marvelous people who work in support. After an unknown error to cause two hacks to fail to launch and countless hours of brainstorming between myself and at one point three others. We finally managed to be successful, so I'd like to just take the time to say that the staff here are amazing and wonderful. 5*
    • I have been looking for Valorant cheats for a while now, & I am happy to say I've found some amazing cheats here! I had some issues with initial setup & support helped me out greatly, this was a 10/10 experience if I've ever seen one.
    • had issues with licenses for both. support was able to work things out. awesome as always
    • Hey guys I just wanna say that your Wallhack is great, i am having a problem with the aimbot (seems to aggressive) but im sure i can work it out.
    • Hello everyone. I am a constant customer. Until all of them the warzone supreme 2.0 frauds, daylong version I buy it because my working hours change. It is needed let me say it perfect. I would like to say thanks for being allowed to enjoy the game finally only. The game never looked promising unfortunately , but since I found it out the battlelogra , my game knowledge is praised since then. Thank you Battlelog !
    • As small as FOV as you can and as high smooth rate as possible will be the most legit looking setting ❤️ 
    • So I've downloaded Supreme 2.0 for Warzone and let me tell you something wicked hack absolutely love it there are a few issues that could be tweaked (aim at knocked, random 180° turn while ads) but other then that I love it. If anyone has a setting that makes aimbot more of aim assist could you please lmk I'm trying to make things stream proof by using something that doesn't snap on to other players I've figured out how to make my esp not appear on my streams just need to make my AB less snappy. Thanks in advance.
    • Use the smooth option in cheat to adjust aimbot to your liking ❤️ 
    • muy bueno pero tengo una duda como hacerlo lo mas suave posible
    • Never got my Valorant 2.0 to work, John Wick, Xhan and Micheal were all super helpful and did the best they good 100% top notch support
    • Warzone Premium is a great product but just wish it wasn’t sold out and I could renew my key. I was told it’s a key problem but I don’t need one just my old key working. Keep up good work and hopefully this gets back up running again 
    • I absolutely love these hacks, I have tried a few others too but keep coming back to Levi for 3 month running now.  My only thing is tho, it just doesn’t feel the same as the old Levi. Feels like the aimbot just isn’t what it used to be. I hope it can get back to what it once was!!
    • At first the menu has so many options it can be quite scary and overwhelming, however after a closer look into the options available, it all makes a LOT of sense and is very convenient to use. On top of this it works amazingly!!!! oh my god the rune thief and rune pings are just AMAZING. let alone all the other awareness features its really a magnificent cheat for the game. I am however scared to use any kind of scripts as far as auto farming goes and stuff like that because its too easy to detect multiple clicks that dont make sense in the game but EVERY other feature im using and it is just incredible. If you love DOTA 2 then this is a MUST have, as well as me on your team lol~~~!! i suck btw but man this is such a good product yall as always.