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AV Aged Account

AV Aged Account

Why you should buy our Activision accounts: 
Ability to get 15+ kills in single match without being kicked out Accounts might hold high value skins (not guaranteed) Some accounts might have 5000+ kills (not guaranteed)

  After purchasing, you will find login details for your new account by pressing HERE If you have any issues or are asked for email verification, please check our guide HERE

About AV Aged Account

AV Aged Account

Why you should buy our Activision accounts: 

  • Ability to get 15+ kills in single match without being kicked out
  • Accounts might hold high value skins (not guaranteed)
  • Some accounts might have 5000+ kills (not guaranteed)

  • After purchasing, you will find login details for your new account by pressing HERE
  • If you have any issues or are asked for email verification, please check our guide HERE
  • Battlelog does not renew your membership automatically. This is a one-time payment.

    Battlelog does not store credit-card details. They are processed through our payment processors.

  • Germany, Netherlands and Belgium:

    You can now pay with GiroPay, iDEAL and Bancontact.

    But to do this, you must switch to EUR as currency in the store.

    If you are unsure how to switch to EUR, then click here.

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    • Hello, thank you for the honest review. Ultimate is made and designed quite differently to most product.. Update times use to be very quick but lately it seems, at least for this specific product longer to update. The developer has tried his best to keep up-date times down as much as possible and remember time is always compensated back to you once updated. This will not be a constant thing, hopefully the developer can fix the issue that keeps breaking with these updates and be able to update faster in the future. All I can do is apologise for this issue. Hopefully its back very soon ❤️ 
    • Hey everyone, I was able to use the cheats for one night and they worked great.  Then the MW2 update came and the ultimate edition has been down for almost 4 days now with no ETA in sight.  I have used other cheat websites and all of their products are back online.  Was really looking forward to using battlelog because I have friends that have used it in the past.  Not the best of experiences so far.  Hopefully ultimate is back up soon and it changes my mind.  Will keep updating post.
    • Hello, glad you are enjoying our support. As for your issue, if its been 3 days, support should have created an issue report by now. If they have given you an issue report number, then use that to follow up in 1-2 days after we have sent the report to the developer. If an issue report has not been done, then please ask for one to be created. Hope this helps and again, thank you for your support and kind words to our support ❤️ 
    • The Chat support are great all of them would help you as much as they could and have a great patience, we have been troubleshooting for days and hours. I'm still experiencing the Error 105  Although I reinstalled windows 3 times already and do everything from scratch. I still hope we can fix this and so far my experience with the chat supports are great.
    • Greetings! I'm excited to share with you that we have a fantastic feature available for you - a live chat support service (just look for the green "chat" button in the bottom right corner!). Additionally, for your convenience, we also offer a personalized setup option. For just $10, one of our skilled team members can set up the product for you, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.
    • Can somebody help me how to set it up because its really hard tounderstand for me
    • Hello sir, thank you for the review. I am very sorry for the issues along the way, I can assure you this is not normal haha. I would suggest though, that maybe you can exchange to a apex product that is working. Hades is a very good product, Odin too. Personally I prefer Hades, has more "realistic" features. My favourite ones are "Random smooth + Random aim and Stop aimbot when on target" but its all personal preference. If you wish to wait, that is fine. If not then please feel free to use our live chat to exchange to a working product. Hope this was helpful and again thank for you the honest review ❤️ 
    • So first off let's start with I am an old cranky man. So take my review with a pinch of salt.  Service - the chat people 24/7 10/10 they answered a lot of questions and i was very angry but they stayed professional ( still am )  Set up - I have no idea what I downloaded and disabled it looks scary feels scary but whatever the tutorial videos are perfect and show how to do it step by step 10/10  Product - I bought my 100 dollar product. Had to wait 36 hours or so to get an admin/mod to unlock my account ( get more admins / mods or give chat people power too assist ) haven't tested my product because its still updating with no ETA.......keep hitting refresh on site hoping the status will go green but like my apex skills still a let down. ( once its running I will test and give feedback.  I will be updating this review once product can be tested 🙂 - Angry Kumar            
    • Thank you for this very kind review. We are happy you are apart of the Battlelog family ❤️ 
    • I recently purchased a 24 hour valorant seven. I was having trouble until the support team guided me through all the steps and how to inject it. Everything works really well and the support team are very nice and helpful. Thank you BattleLog! 10/10
    • Hello. I shall send you what I posted to another customer a few week ago;  Hello sir, yes this issue will happen because the aimbot will only lock dead centre. Now if you have over 3000hours in EFT like me, you will know 3 things come into account.  1) Recoil 2) Breathe 3) Spread of bullets.  Now given those 3 factors if you use the aimbot as it is, then you will likely miss more using the aimbot, simply because 90% of the time the sight is just not on the player, but the aimbot is locked to where dead centre is, and well... how often do you think the red dot or any sight is dead centre, hardly at all. Paste my review I did over 2 years ago nearly below, this will explain how to eliminate at least 2 of those factors above, as for recoil, going prone of have single shot guns I would say is best. Mosin, MA1 those guns are king for this type of aimbot, not spray and pray.    THIS SECTION IS HOW TO SET UP THE AIM BOT CORRECTLY The aimbot is somewhat difficult to master, u'll get use to it very quickly but give yourself some time to understand how it works. but if you read this i'm going to save you some painful hours. When the aimbot locks onto a targets head, at lets say 60 meters, u'll still have a lot of gun sway when stood up or crouching, because of this, the aimbot wants to shoot right down the middle to the players head of were your crosshair should be(or any part you chose to lock onto), but because of the gun sway u'll actually be aiming slightly to the left or right, and will only hit the shot 25% of the time.  To fix this problem, bind your AIMBOT LOCK toggle key to the same key as your EFT hold breath button(mine is both mouse button 5) What this does is not only stops the gun from swaying slightly and missing the head at even as close as to 50 meters, but it allows the aimbot to shoot perfectly down the centre of where it wants to shoot for the head, because holding your breath centres the gun perfectly while ADS'ing Example; you aimlock someones head @ 60 meters, you shoot but you miss slightly because of gun sway.  Example 2; you aimlock someones head @ 60 meters, and also hold your breath at the same time (because you have bound hold breath the same button as aimbot toggle) whiling aiming and your gun will be perfectly centred for the headshot. once I figured this out the hack was bliss. so please please take some time to set this up. It will help out a ton!
    • Hi, I love being able to see targets but the aimbot seems to not always be on the target depending on wepon and range. is there a work around for this?
    • Hello sir, glad you are enjoying the product. We are currently conducting some maintenance though. Please keep up to date on the status page. Status page can be found here: Again thanks for the review ❤️ 
    • I used EFT Odin for 2 days and over those 2 days I played with a few settings and put a lot of settings on trial, I found that "Loot through walls" does not but that wasn't very much of an issue. Everything else works as expected, the ESP could use some work to detect when someone is behind an object but other than that, the cheat does exactly what it says and is very easy to use once you get past the setup.
    • Hello, there is no "best settings" really.. its mostly self preference. If you want the best way to avoid bans you can view this post here: I know its quite old but not much has changed, everything in that post still applies. Hope this helps ❤️ 
    • Thank you for the review sir ❤️ Glad you enjoying our products and being apart of our community ❤️ 
    • I was wondering what the best settings for the apex hades hack are. If anyone knows please lmk
    • I am super happy how the cheats works out. its so easy. The guide took me less then hour to finish. i would deffintly recomend to try it. and the last thing = its really cheap. 10/10