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  • Undetected Game Enhancements (hacks and cheats) by Battlelog.co

    If you’re looking for some of the best undetected hacks and cheats, then you’ve come to the right place. Battlelog.co is your ideal option if you’re looking to find the best cheats for the most popular games out there. We have worked hard to ensure that we can provide you with some of the best hacks that you’ll be able to find on the market.

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    Stay Safe from Anti-Cheats

    Most of the multiplayer games nowadays are protected by anti-cheat, something that can be problematic for most players using hacks. However, with our encrypted and fully undetected cheats, you’ll never have to worry about getting caught by anti-cheat or being reported ever again.

    Our easily accessible hacks are all able to avoid anti-cheat systems, allowing you to dominate every match with our cheats while never having to think about getting into trouble.

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    We have made purchasing and using our great hacks as comfortable as you could imagine. All that you have to do is look for and choose the hacks you’re looking for on our site. After choosing and making your purchase, you’ll be able to access our hacks without any difficulties

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    When you purchase our cheats, we will also give you a custom-made tool that’ll make using said cheats as easy as possible. With only a few presses, you’ll have access to the best undetected cheats thanks to our loader.


    Wallhacks, ESPs and Aimbots

    Whether you wish to take down all your opponents with ease or wish to know where your enemies are lurking, our hacks can help you out.

    We provide Aimbots for most of the popular shooters such as Six Siege and PUBG that can help you eliminate anyone in an instant. Loaded with useful features like one hit kills and more, our Aimbots will be helping you with a lot more than just your aim.

    Wallhacks on the other hand, are more tactical hacks. They allow you to find any hidden enemies that may be planning unwanted surprises for you. We offer Wallhacks for all the popular multiplayer survival games and shooters. On top of this, our ESPs can make things even better.

    Wallhacks will let you find your enemies no matter where they’re hidden but with ESPs, you’ll be able to find so much more. From tiny details like your enemy’s username to finding out where a specific weapon’s exact location is, our ESPs can help you with all this and more.


    Radar Hacks and Other Important Cheats

    Most people only ever pay attention to aimbot and ESPs. What these people will be surprised to learn is that there are many more cheats that can be very helpful as well. From Radars to Removals, we can provide you with all of these other hacks as well.

    Radar Hacks are similar to Wallhacks in the sense that they allow you to spot enemies. These little 2D radars are able to find exactly where your enemies are hiding, allowing you to find anyone looking to ambush you. Our radars can also be used as a means to keep your teammates informed of enemies and their positions as well.

    Removals and warnings on the other hand are completely unique and very helpful. Removals let you get rid of problems using features such as no-recoil and no-spread, making it easier to land your shots.

    Warnings on the other hand, can inform you of nearby hostiles or when they’re aiming at you. This means that our warnings can give you that second you need to react and get to safety.


    Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

    We work our hardest to ensure that our hacks are up to date and completely undetected because your satisfaction is our priority. This is why we offer you our cheats at the most affordable prices.

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    Why You Should Choose Battlelog.co

    We provide you with our guarantee that our cheats are both completely undetected and up to date. You can enjoy using our hacks with an open mind as you’ll never encounter any problems.

    Once you’re done purchasing and loading them up, there’s only one thing left to do, and that is to dominate every game you play!



    List of products available:

    Fall Guys Hacks

    Hyper Scape Hacks

    PUBG Hacks

    Rogue Company Hacks

    Dead by Daylight Hacks

    Dayz Hacks

    R6: Rainbow Six Siege Hacks

    Apex Legends Hacks

    Rust Hacks

    Paladins Hacks

    ROE: Ring of Elysium Hacks

    H1Z1 Hacks

    Overwatch Hacks

    The Division 2 Hacks

    EFT: Escape From Tarkov Hacks

    Valorant Hacks

    Deadside Hacks

    Scum Hacks

    HWID Spoofer

    Last Oasis Hacks

    Modern Warfare Hacks

    Warzone Hacks

    CSGO Hacks

    GTA 5 / V Hacks

    Arma 3 Hacks

    SpellBreak Hacks

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Hacks

    Sea of Thieves Hacks

    Squad Hacks

    Black Ops Cold War Hacks

    Destiny 2 Hacks

    Ark Survival Evolved Hacks

    Coming soon:

    Warface Hacks

    Halo Infinite Hacks

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    • Although I love the additions I think the predict aim is lacking. I have old version still and it's aimnot is still better. I miss more with the new one. Also, has the smoothing changed in reverse cause if I go rage mode it still don't snap on 
    • Developer is just dealing with some personal things so we wanna give him that space and time he needs ❤️  No ETA but he will be back 🙂
    • Hey once again, this cheat is very awesome. I bumped my 1 k to 3d within two weeks of soft cheating pretty good so far. Activision's anticheat is pretty bad. However I want to add some suggestions, like esp for throwables and esp. for claymores, proximity mines. Also the vehicle ESP is broken. Aimbot - 8/10 Esp 8/10  
    • RE When are we getting THOR back love? love the zombie features!
    • I love what has been done with exclusive recently. Is there any way to buy a lifetime license or key 
    • We will always try to bring you guys the best software for the best prices ❤️  Developer is just handling some things in personal life and we wanna give him that space as he is trying hard to get back in but things happen and all we can do now is support him and hope he comes back stronger 🙂❤️ 
    • Hey Frost, Really great product you guys have here. Been using this for quite a while and for the price you guys charged it is really great stuff! I really appreciate the stream safe portion of it and also all of the Zombies functionality. I did see it was taken down from the Store and has been updating for a while. Will it eventually return? Or is it going away? I don't want to spam chat and keep those guys busy but I was really liking it and loved all of the functionality. Guys if they bring this one back definitely check it out. Thanks
    • I've been apart of the battlelog community for a bit and have enjoyed Apex and Call of Duty tremendously. I use Premium daily for hours on end, and only use ESP on visible characters just to have a slight visual advantage and response time. There's just one complaint I have and it's the CoD Supreme hack shows "visible" under the ESP options which led me to believe I could have only visible characters highlighted green with a box (to look more legit on my end). But after buying it, I noticed that wasn't the case and it was just vischeck for aimbot. I'd like to see a visible only option maybe added to the Supreme version like Premium has.   Other than that, I would like to give a huge shoutout to the live chat box. They've been a HUGE help. 
    • Really happy to see such long members ❤️  DBD was getting hit left and right with updates and then Valo got hit as well developer is working super hard on getting it back up for you all ❤️ 
    • Hey All,  I am almost a year long user of Battlog for different enhancements. They are always on point!    Any updates on when Dead By Daylight will be back up? 
    • Glad to see this sir ❤️  Its different loader but our 24/7 liver chat support is always here to help with any questions you might have 🙂
    • Hey guys, Love the support and products, all great. When do you think Super Spoofer will come back in stock?
    • Hey Guys, been a memeber of the BL fam for about 4 months now and loving the wz exclusive. i ONLY use esp due only having 20% hearing in my left ear only. you guys have made this possible for me and a few of my friends to play this game and actually enjoy it. I did want to look into streaming with supreme. Does supreme work just like exclusive? do i use the same loader for supreme like exclusive? thanks guys
    • Cheat is very good like it a lot, only problem I have with it is search and destroy after one round the aimbot goes away any chance that will be fixed?
    • You just need reset of HWID come to support we will sort it out ❤️ 
    • Overall, this is made super well and I appreciate all the hard work and effort put into making this a very great tool. I can't say there is anything that I can fault with this, it is amazing! the ability to fine tune the spread and the recoil DIFFERENTLY is amazing, and also the Aimbot although it seems blatant it doesnt actually look that bad in killcams sometimes when pulled off with a good FOV (please recommend a good legitimate speed to use 🙂) one thing, unless I didn't see it at first, on the item ESP, is there a option for the kapkan trap? and is there a known reason why the FPS drops dramatically just by toggling the item esp ? even if nothing is selected? thanks!
    • Review: One of the best undetected and working menus for the game. Although currently there's a few bugs with the current loader/cheat that I've told support about and fixes that should easily work, I have been surprised on how well it was made/designed it is and the time it takes to update the menu after a patch was release. Would recommend buying. Known Bugs (That I've Had):  Crashes (I never had a problem loading the menu unless I had pre-settings set before injecting. If you load the menu without editing setting before injecting, less chance of crashes.) GameModes With Rounds [SnD, GunFight, etc] (If any Gamemodes have rounds, the aimbot will work for the first round but will not work for the rest of the rounds until new game. So pointless using aimbot for objective games until they fix it) Other than those bugs, I still love the menu. 
    • Phoenix would be so much better if I wasnt crashing on extraction. Still a really good menu included with a spoofer. Leviathan the download takes REALLY long. I have no clue. All in all I would use Phoenix just because its so much easier to use.
    • First off I've I been using Warzone/Exclusive and it's been great you guys are the best out there! I purchased a 30 day along with a 30 day Ghost Spoofer. I always prefer to use Ghost Spoofer always but it hasn't worked for since the season 2 update. I rechecked all the required steps and redownloaded the file but I still receive the HWID error. Any update when it will be back? Thanks for all your hard work! ❤️
    • Great customer service and I followed each step carefully definitely the most fun I had since switching to pc! Great job guys keep up the hard work!
    • I've been using this product for about two weeks, and it's pretty amazing. It allows me to keep up with some of my younger more talented friends. Frost's guide is crucial to using the software appropriately: ++ You need to work on your foot work, quick comfortable movement. It is easy to see aim assist with terrible foot work. ++ Take your losses. Winning 1 v 3's is not the norm. Not even from pros ++ Toggle or disable during spectator mode. It really helps here if you have some basic foundations of shooting. Going to be easy to see laserbeam aim turning into missing literally every shot. ++ Pretend you don't know they're there even when you do know they're there. This also helps stop friends become suspicious of software use. It becomes apparent when you're calling out specific locations constantly. I've even gone as far as to let myself get beamed and just took the hit.   I actually wish the aim was even less snappy as it is. I set FOV 2.0, Smooth 20, Recoil X/Y 0.5 each and still feel like it tracks too well sometimes and have to drag to miss shots. A recommendation on product page on the most legit settings would be amazing.
    • We are looing into this already ❤️ 
    • Great product and support, everything works smoothly!!  Quick question tho any chance you can add the no recoil control ( 0 = No recoil, 100 = Normal recoil) function to the wz exclusive???? Thanks!!!
    • Love the products as i have been using them for sometime. Mostly using exclusive and supreme, i made the jump to premium. Love the interface, just need some guidance on best settings for premium. FOV, smoothness, ETC> On PC with controller, i know about the reWASD app but its not smooth input at all. Any tips or findings y'all have made, hit me with it! Battlelog, y'all rock!
    • Make sure to enable visibility check, supreme is stream proof just use game capture option in stream labs or OBS system ❤️