• Latest update (month/date/year):

  • Undetected = Safe to use
    Updating     =  The software is not working, might be unsafe currently and is being updated, and we do not recommend using it.
    Testing        =  The software is getting tested for safety reasons, and we do not recommend using it. 

    Unknown    =   We are currently looking into reports, or the product is currently unstable - we do not recommend using for now and it is at your own risk. 
    Down          =  The software is currently down, and is not safe to use.

    "COZ EFT" For AMD has issues being worked on, please be patient. 🙂

  • Regnant cheats Status
    Apex Regnant  Undetected
    DayZ Regnant Down 
    EFT Regnant Updating
    Fortnite Regnant  Undetected
    Overwatch Regnant  Updating
    PUBG Lite Regnant  Undetected
    PUBG Regnant Coming soon
    SCUM Regnant  Undetected
    R6 Regnant  Down 
    Rust Regnant Unknown 
    Regnant Spoofer Unknown 
  • Other Cheats Status
    Arma 3 COZ Undetected
    DayZ COZ Updating
    EFT COZ  Down 
    Rainbow Six COZ Undetected USE TEST ID 1 in loader
    PUBG Rain Undetected
    PUBG Sky Undetected
    PUBG Supreme Undetected
    PUBG Pro Undetected
    PUBG Premium Updating
    Modern Warfare (2019) Premium Undetected
    EFT Premium Updating