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    At Battlelog.co, we are proud to offer the indutry's very best hacks for Dayz. 
    We strive to keep our customers safe. 

    Our Dayz Hack has been undetected for 5 months already.

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  • 4 simple reasons why we are better than any other provider:

    (Please read this!)

    1. Your access (7 days or 30 days) starts when you have activated your license key and the hack is up running on your PC. NOT from the time you buy the hack. This is to ensure that no customer will loose time if problems occur when they inject the hack for the first time.

    2. Unlike other providers, we do offer support every time needed! We simply wanna help you get started successfully, so we can be sure to keep you as a happy customer.

    3. We provide the industry's safest hacks, period. We've experienced very few detections and when it happens, we manage to warn our users ahead of time, so they avoid bans. We manage to do this through our daily stress testing and automatic system in case of detections. Furthermore, we update our status page several times per day.

    4. We are not just another provider looking to make a quick buck. Because, let's be honest.. The game hack industry is full of crappy providers. Crappy providers with zero coding experience who simply hired the cheapest third-world programmer they were able to find on Freelancer.com (no offense). Due to the lack of communication, skills, professionalism and ambitions, those providers only succeed in exactly what they intended to: To simply make a quick buck by abusing their customer's trust.

    We are different. At Battlelog.co, we promise you that we will live up to your expectations. We will work to continuously satisfy our customers by providing the industry's very best products and service. Period.

    *If you're confident buying from us, please get started on our page right here. If not yet, feel free to reach out to us on Discord for a chat first.
    Happy hacking!



    Dayz ESP

    In dayz, the ESP is one of the essential features. This is the case because the game is built around the fact that you have to run around looking items in the game. The ESP helps a lot with this so that you dont need to search every single house, but instead, you can simply get into those who have valuable things for you at the time. Our DayZ hacks make it easier and faster for you to loot up and to makes it easy for you to completely gear up in almost no time at all. On top of that, it makes it easy for you to spot your enemies as well as friends, so you dont need to use as much time looking around for them if you're looking for either trouble or some good times with a mate.


    Dayz aimbot

    Some of the Dayz hacks that we offer has an aimbot feature - this is usually a silent aim, which means that if you shoot in the vicinity of someone you will still hit them. Dayz aimbot is very effective, and at the same time, it looks very legit if an admin is, in fact, spectating you. 
    The hacks and cheats we provide is usable and available on both dayz official servers as well as private ones with a few mods (addons) 
    This makes it easy to find bases and kill those on the private servers who have a lot of loot, and on the private servers, it makes it super easy to have a good time with your friends and make your enemy suffer.

    Dayz standalone hacks

    Our dayz standalone hacks are the safest on the market, we tend to take it down if even one report ticks in even though the chance of it being a normal admin ban rather than a batteeye ban is quite high.
    We rather want to be safe than sorry, and in this, we strive to make our customers feel safe about the usage of our products. 
    As said before, the cheats we offer are kept safe by having two versions of it, which we can automatically switch you on to when you are trusted. It is up to Admin however to make that decision as it is he who can see all the information provided by the said customer. 
    We have an extensive support system to make sure that we are able to help customers in a timely manner, and we offer discounts for loyalty we offer promos, raffles, and competitions at times to make it feel like a real community. 

    Dayz Cheats

    At battlelog.co we have the best dayz cheats - They are safe, good and stable to use.
    Our dayz cheats only come in 2 sizes at this time - week and month keys. 
    This is to keep it safer and it is our understanding from a long experience within the industry that this is the case.
    The dayz private hack we offer on an invite-only basis is MONTH only, and that is only for our most trusted members. 
    We strive to make our products better every day, and we also try to keep this experience to the select few. 
    The prices we offer is fair for the amount of support and safety we give to our customers, there are many others who are more expensive or cheaper, but we believe we have hit the right point of being affordable and safe at the same time. This is the first time that this has happened in the industry and we are proud to announce that we have the lowest detection-rate in the industry at this point in time.


    Dayz Cheats - What is it like

    Cheating in dayz is fantastic, not only because of the provided benefits but also because of the feeling you get when you kill an enemy in the game. Contrary to other games, dayz hacks is a game where people use a long time to build up their character, and therefore they will get more annoyed when you kill them. We believe that this is funny to do to people as they will often rage, scream and be really mad at you.
    We can recommend to go to electro on Sniper Hill and kill people with a pistol from a distance, or run up to the airbase and kill them with your M4 that you will find early in the game. We can only recommend this hack for anyone who is trying to live, kill, and win in dayz.


    Why choose battlelog.co

    Why should you choose us? Well, we believe that the support we give each and every customer is one of the most important things we could possibly do - other than providing the best product. 
    But with the best product there should also be the best experience - this is only accomplished if the support and team around the product perform top-notch and provide the best answers and solutions for each customer. If this means moving you to another product because something doesn't work then thats also possible, we do this by asking you which you would prefer and we will consult with our admin to see if that is indeed possible. 
    As we help the customer we do it on a personal level to make them feel understood and to provide the best success rate.

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    • Hi Sir, moderator here from battlelog thank you nice comment we hope you like our cheat. Next good cheat will go far our dev worked so hard keep it undetected and have our users stay undetected on it I do hope you have lovely time at battlelog.
    • I have been using these cheats for a little now after being told about it from a friend, no accounts banned and very easy to use. support is great, they always go the extra mile to make sure the customer is happy. Directions work perfectly, UI is clean and very easy to use, i have used a few different bots and this was by fast the easiest to  set up and use 10/10 recommendation. Happy botting people 🙂
    • hey guys apex cheats down for new bypass pls don't use it and have patience until everything back up 
    • How to get started: 1: Buy your product here: https://battlelog.co/store/ 2: Open your order confirmation (send my email) which contains a download link + your unique license key. If you have any questions please contact us or visit the forums! Kind Regards, The battlelog.co team.  Email: admin@battlelog.co Discord: battlelog.co#8846
    • I recently became a customer through a vouch copy for PUBG Premium and PUBG SUPREME. I can only recommend both of the hacks, even though the SUPREME is of course better. I had a hard start as I didn't understand the injection, but after seeing the guide it worked right away.  Admin had the opportunity to jump on discord and help me out so that was great and he even refunded me the 45 minutes I lost from it (by giving me an extra hour) These guys at battlelog.co sells the best cheats on the market, so feel free and safe to buy them here. 
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