• ArmA 3 Hacks

    Our ArmA 3 cheats here at battlelog.co are among the safest in the industry. 
    We aim to make it safer to hack compared to what it has been in the past, and therefore, we focus on that specific issue.

    Our ArmA 3 Hack has been undetected for 7 months already.



    • RMA3 Premium 24 hrs
    • Day!

      /24 hour access
    • AIMBOT (with silent aim)
    • RMA3 Premium 7 days
    • Week!

      /7 Days access
    • AIMBOT (with silent aim)
  • General info:

    Most of our hacks are offered in the following versions: • 24 hrs access • 7 days access • 30 days access.

    Our hacks mostly stay UNDETECTED and we do everything we can to keep it this way.

    Some of our hacks have even been safe for more than a year. Others have been safe since release. But to stay safe, be sure to always check our status page before using the products.

    We have automated systems for constantly testing the status of our hacks and if issues are found, we update our status page instantly.

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    ArmA 3 Memory ESP

    Our ArmA 3 Memory ESP is available in some of the hacks we offer.
    The memory ESP is a very effective measure as its hard to detect by the anti-cheats and because its impossible to detect for the software that a server has installed. 
    This way, we ensure that you can also use the ESP if a script doesn't work for some reason or another. 
    We can make sure that you can use the ESP in every game mode and that it doesn't make the game lag.

    ArmA 3 Script Executor

    Some of the ArmA 3 hack here at battlelog.co has a script executor.
    With this, you can run scripts that you have made yourself or that a friend has made in a safe way.
    The script exe is very safe when combined with our script restriction killer that we have implemented in our best hacks
    You can do all from spawning money, tanks, bombs and planes to using your own menu to kill a server, fly around, teleport or even be invincible. Our ArmA 3 Script executor has been proven to be one of the best on the market - something we strive for at battlelog.co


    Streamsafe ArmA 3 Hacks

    With some of our hacks, we offer a solution that is Streamsafe.
    Streamsafe means that you can record or stream your screen on a streaming-platform without the viewers can see it. 
    We have made this possible because we know how much you guys love to stream and because its only fair that our product is available to everyone. We recommend anyone who streams to try out our ArmA 3 hacks so they can see for themselves how much their viewers cheer when they see how good you have become. 


    ArmA 3 Cheats

    We believe that we offer the best and safest ArmA 3 hacks on the market. 
    We do this by having a very dedicated team of developers who work around the clock on improving the hacks that we sell. 
    The developers we have don't mind also helping out on either discord, email or even TeamViewer if that is needed to make the hack run smoothly on your computer. Even though we have dedicated support and admin staff, we do also take pride in that our developers take their time to spend with the users of their developed products  as they can get useful feedback to use in future updates of the ArmA 3 Cheats this way. 


    ArmA 3 Aimbot

    Our Arma 3 Aimbot is included in most of our ArmA 3 hacks, both internal and external. 
    The Aimbot we offer in most of our hacks is very precise and even has bullet drop calculations. 
    That being said we do on top of this have a silent aim feature on some Arma 3 hacks where you can kill anyone across the map by just shooting into the air and kill people like that, this should be used with caution though as you could run into problems with an admin on the server if you kill 20 people in less than 20 seconds with a pistol.




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    • Hello, To answer your questions,    What are the prerequisites to run it? I'm on Win10 x64. 1. Windows 10 1803, 1809 and unofficially 1903 2. CPU mentioned on the page of the product in the store.    Is it as simple as download loader, open and play? Or does it require some more work to get running? It is very simple, its fast and the loader is found on our website (after purchase)   Does it work on community-modded servers? It does work on modded servers.   Are there any negative effects on the game itself; i.e. lowered frames, spikes, freezes, crashes? We haven't seen any such effects.   Using only ESP and being mindful as in; not running to enemies, playing legit - what's the likelihood of a ban? Likelihood of server ban is depending on the admin ofc, a detection-ban is up to when the product is detected which I will reply to in the next question.   When was the last detection? No MAJOR ban waves has been hitting this product, we have had a few reports now and then which often is old HWID bans that people get banned for again.    How many other persons use this cheat? We do not disclose this   Lastly, I noticed on the status page there are two categories - Regenant (private cheats) and Other (premium/prime cheats), what is the difference between those, and how does one get access to the better stuff? We do not disclose our ways of keeping things private and/or our future plans regarding safety in the industry. The products available on the store now, however is safe to use and is good. Kind Regards, Admin
    • Windows 10 is needed for EFT, and thats the case for most products.
    • Prime is updating, Private is private and only available for a few people as it is in beta right now 🙂
    • Hello! We recommend win10 1803 and 1809, however 1903 is unofficially supported.  Contact me on the support system and we can discuss regarding the 24hrs trial. 
    • Hello, contact us on the support system to answer this question.  But no, there is no russian resellers at this point, we are soon getting some new payment methods or you can use Crypto currency if need be?      It is updating right now. 
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