• Undetected Back 4 Blood Hacks & Cheats with Aimbot, ESP and More

    Are you looking for undetected hacks and cheats for Back 4 Blood and other similar games? Then Battlelog is just the place to be. But our services aren't limited to just undetected hacks. With customer satisfaction at the forefront, our customers remain happy with our services.


  • Back 4 Blood Hacks and Cheats


    Looking for Back 4 Blood hacks and cheats from a trusted seller? Battlelog is just the provider you are looking for. Here's all about our game hacks and us.


    Are you looking for undetected hacks and cheats for Back 4 Blood and other similar games? Then Battlelog is just the place to be.


    But our services aren't limited to just undetected hacks. With customer satisfaction at the forefront, here's what you can expect from us and why you should trust us.


    Why Battlelog Sets The Industry Standards For Back 4 Blood Hacks and Cheats


    Undetected Back 4 Blood Hacks


    Did you know that our Back 4 Blood Hacks have continued to be undetected since their release? But that does not surprise us, and neither is the only game with such hacks.


    However, the credit for it mainly goes to our backend team that works pretty much around the clock to create the best hacks and cheats for you.


    But that's not all. There's more the team does.


    Every hack gets tried and tested for weeks to ensure they are safe for use. And in case any hack needs an update, the team takes care of it for you.


    Since hacks are unsafe to use during these updates, we maintain a status page where they quickly get marked as updating, inactive, or active.


    More about this page below.


    Back 4 Blood Hacks + An Up-to-Date Status Page


    We understand how annoying it is when your account is banned because the provider didn't inform you about detected or at-risk hacks beforehand. 


    This is why we recommend that you always check out the status page before buying or using any hack. We'll even send you an email about any inconveniences, and you can also join our discord channel for updates.


    As for the Status page, we update it multiple times a day, thanks to our tireless team that works around the clock keeping tabs on them. This allows us to flag detected hacks within hours quickly (day or night, we'll always keep you informed). 


    24*7 Chat Support for your new Back 4 Blood Cheats


    Do you have a query about refunds? Maybe you are unable to find hacks for a particular game. No question is stupid or too good for our support team, so feel free to reach out to them anytime from anywhere.


    And thanks to the 24*7 chat feature, problems find solutions in minutes. No more waiting for hours or days like you had to with ticket systems. And we promise you'll connect with the support staff within a minute or two.


    We don't even ask you to create an account or log in to contact them.


    There's also an FAQ page we recommend you check out. It answers some of the common questions we receive daily and, thus, is a great place for quick solutions.


    Meet like-minded gamers from around the world using Back 4 Blood Hacks


    We are proud to say that we have one of the most engaging communities on the market with over 100k members, and it continues to grow every day.


    This makes the forum a great place to discuss games, consoles, and even hacks. And in case your questions are about the site or hacks, the admins are more than happy to answer them.


    1000+ Genuine User Reviews of Back 4 Blood Hacks and others


    We know the importance of transparency in this industry. Thus we give you genuine user reviews (something most other sites refrain from).


    Most reviews are good and some not that good, but we have nothing to hide and continually work to overcome our flaws.


    The Back 4 Blood Hacks are fairly priced


    Considering the risks, it does not make sense that so many websites charge $100+ for most game hacks and cheats. Instead, the hacks should be pocket-friendly, so you get the best value for your money, and that's what we aim for at Battlelog.


    This is why you'll find 30-day access to Back 4 Blood hacks and cheats for less than $100. Want hacks for a shorter time? Then go for the 24-hour access that costs around $10, or the 7-day access that's priced around $50.


    The prices are similar for most other games as well, and if it is priced over $100, it is usually for a good reason as they have more advanced features and so on.


    Which Back 4 Blood Hacks Are Available on Battlelog?


    Rule the Roost with Back 4 Blood Aimbot Hack


    You're mistaken if you think everyone on the map that's killing you in seconds is a pro player. A lot of them are using aimbot.


    It's one of the most popular hacks, and now, it's your time to get even. But while our aimbot is designed to help you kill enemies in seconds, there's more that goes into its making.


    One such feature is smoothening. There's also randomization and FOV. Their goal is to ensure your use of the aimbot is as discreet as possible.


    With randomization, you won't unrealistically hit headshots each time. But you can turn that option on if you want to. But we'd not recommend you do that with your real account as there's a good chance you'll get a ban.


    FOV locks the distance you'll hit the bull's eye at. Your hand handgun or assault rifle isn't a sniper, and you must keep it that way to prevent detection.


    Back 4 Blood Wallhack


    If you aren't using the aimbot with wallhack, you are leaving a golden opportunity on the table.


    That's because the wallhack can double your kills as it makes walls and objects transparent, so you know if any enemy is camping behind them.


    Plus, you get to plan your attack better as you know about their health status, ammo, rifle they are using, and so on.


    Back 4 Blood ESP Hack


    If you are using hacks for the first time, we are sure you are confused about this one. 


    To make it simpler, ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception. And while a lot like the wallhack, it further adds to the convenience.


    That's because it also points you to the loot, ensuring ample ammo, health packs, grenades, etc., are available to you at all times.


    Another significant advantage of this Jack is that it makes aiming a tad easier (just in case you have your aimbot turned off). That's because it has a feature that allows you to view the enemies as hitboxes.


    Furthermore, it gives you the exact details about the enemy as wallhack.


    Back 4 Blood Radar Hack


    Last but not least comes the radar hack and what we love most about it is that anyone and everyone can use it since it is the hardest to detect. And it is pretty useful too, especially if you are playing on a new map you have never tried before. 


    It ensures you know where your teammates and enemies are located on the map by marking them with different colors.


    How to Use Back 4 Blood Hacks from Battlelog


    Step 1: Sign up


    To purchase hacks and access the Discord and Forum, you'll first need to create an account on Battlelog. It is easy. Just enter the required details, verify your email, and you are good to go.


    Step 2: Purchase the Back 4 Blood Hacks you Want


    Search and find the game for which you want the hacks, select the timeframe you wish to pay for. To make the process hassle-free for you, we accept multiple payment methods. This includes PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards, net banking, digital wallets, and even Bitcoin.


    Step 3: Follow the Given Instructions on the Back 4 Blood hack


    Once you pay for the hacks, you'll also get a guide that details the steps to use the custom loader and download and use the hacks the right way. You'll also learn about all the settings and customizations you can make.


    And in case there's a question on your mind, feel free to get in touch with our support team using the chat.


    Step 4: The Back 4 Blood Loader


    Once you know how to use it, you will love it as it makes everything so easy. Keep in mind that you keep the custom loader in the same folder as the hacks to work correctly.


    Step 4: Time to Play!


    What's there's no stopping you now from extending that kill streak or getting your first win.


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    • Thank you for the kind review, will pass this onto harvs 🙂 
    • brought my first product 2 days ago with these guys and its been a pleasure. they are extremely reliable and cheap, i dont know a whole lot about pcs so setting up i find hard to do. i had a guy named Harvs on 24/7 chat and he was incredible helped me out and make it simple to do. i thank him for that! would buy again just because of Harvs!
    • Hello sir, sorry for long wait for a reply. Yes this issue will happen because the aimbot will only lock dead centre. Now if you have over 3000hours in EFT like me, you will know 3 things come into account.  1) Recoil 2) Breathe 3) Spread of bullets.  Now given those 3 factors if you use the aimbot as it is, then you will likely miss more using the aimbot, simply because 90% of the time the sight is just not on the player, but the aimbot is locked to where dead centre is, and well... how often do you think the red dot or any sight is dead centre, hardly at all. Paste my review I did over 2 years ago nearly below, this will explain how to eliminate at least 2 of those factors above, as for recoil, going prone of have single shot guns I would say is best. Mosin, MA1 those guns are king for this type of aimbot, not spray and pray.    THIS SECTION IS HOW TO SET UP THE AIM BOT CORRECTLY The aimbot is somewhat difficult to master, u'll get use to it very quickly but give yourself some time to understand how it works. but if you read this i'm going to save you some painful hours. When the aimbot locks onto a targets head, at lets say 60 meters, u'll still have a lot of gun sway when stood up or crouching, because of this, the aimbot wants to shoot right down the middle to the players head of were your crosshair should be(or any part you chose to lock onto), but because of the gun sway u'll actually be aiming slightly to the left or right, and will only hit the shot 25% of the time.  To fix this problem, bind your AIMBOT LOCK toggle key to the same key as your EFT hold breath button(mine is both mouse button 5) What this does is not only stops the gun from swaying slightly and missing the head at even as close as to 50 meters, but it allows the aimbot to shoot perfectly down the centre of where it wants to shoot for the head, because holding your breath centres the gun perfectly while ADS'ing Example; you aimlock someones head @ 60 meters, you shoot but you miss slightly because of gun sway.  Example 2; you aimlock someones head @ 60 meters, and also hold your breath at the same time (because you have bound hold breath the same button as aimbot toggle) whiling aiming and your gun will be perfectly centred for the headshot. once I figured this out the hack was bliss. so please please take some time to set this up. It will help out a ton!
    • I've been using it in my fights and it's good for knowing where people are, but I was using a VPO with a red dot and my shots were still missing. IDK if its the cheats or me but I'm not doing too well with it.
    • We accept USD(American version) or you can switch the price to euros. 
    • the title says it all, just curious because im from NZ so need to know how much ill need on my card
    • Apex ultimate has native controller support. As for Apex deluxe, I shall speak to the developer to see if he can add it. For now though if you really want controller support, ultimate is the way to go. Thanks for your review and support ❤️